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EXPERT ADVICE – July/August Edition 2022

In recent years, there has been a considerable boom in tourist rentals in Spain. As an owner of a residential property in Andalucía, you can offer it as tourist accommodation for rent by marketing or promoting it through tour ist channels, such as real estate agencies, mediation companies or digital booking management channels. However, there…

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Bedroom to Boudoir

The bedroom needs to be cosy, with lots of wonderful textures using throws, curtains, good-quality bed linen and rugs – to welcome you into your sacred place and allow you to rest superlatively in comfort and style. Clever storage ideas help to keep the room clutter-free and organised, which in turn clears the mind and… Read More

EXPERT ADVICE – Jan/Feb Edition 2023

ACQUISITION OF A PROPERTY BY A NON-RESIDENT IN SPAIN ARTICLE SUPPLIED BY WELEX LAWYERS & ACCOUNTANTS Taxes arising from the purchase of a property do not vary whether the ac quisition is by an individual or a company, resident or non-resident in Spain. Spanish non-resident income tax is a self-declaration tax that all non-fiscal residents…

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