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The bedroom needs to be cosy, with lots of wonderful textures using throws, curtains, good-quality bed linen and rugs – to welcome you into your sacred place and allow you to rest superlatively in comfort and style. Clever storage ideas help to keep the room clutter-free and organised, which in turn clears the mind and enables you to rest more easily. Don’t be scared, however, to make a bold design statement with a large vintage mirror, chaise-longue, statement wooden partition, chandelier or oversized painting – to pack a punch and give the room character. A good bed and mattress are imperative and always worth the investment, ensuring that you have chosen the right option to support your body to your exact requirements. Some gorgeous cushions dress the bed and can be arranged to suit your needs when reading. Bedroom lighting must be well thought-out. Consider various types: for example, using direct lighting for reading and for the dressing table, and ambient lighting with a dimmer for simply relaxing and restoring your batteries.

Quality Bed Linen for a Perfect Night’s Sleep

If you are heading into the warmer months then you are probably packing away your blankets and considering lighter bed linen options. When it comes to buying new bed linen, this is an area that you really shouldn’t scrimp on.

Good quality linen not only will last much longer, but will allow your skin to breathe giving you a better night’s sleep ensuring a better next day! 100 per cent Pima, Supima or Egyptian cotton is popular and is considered as a premium material for bed linen. Percale has a plain grid-like warp and weft weave giving a crisp lightweight appearance whilst sateen has a softer feel with a one-directional weave.

King of Cotton, Monaco bed linen range.

The Thread-Count Debate

Thread-count is also a factor when choosing bed linen. Standard bed linen usually has around 150 to 180 thread count. A thread-count of over 200 is usually thought of as higher quality, but thread-count can come a great deal higher than this. There are those who believe the higher the thread-count the better, but this is not entirely the case as it can make the fabric heavy and can make you feel too hot. Aim for a good quality weave over thread-count and you will have superlative bed linen that you will want to get out of bed for… or perhaps not!

Hotel collection by Lexington Company (

Give Your Bedroom Personality!

As much as clutter is a definite no-no in a bedroom, don’t go the other way by making it too sterile with a minimalist look. Don’t be afraid of placing some treasured items into the room, such as a much-loved painting, vase or trunk for example, as they will make the space feel like it is truly your own personal haven which all helps in inducing relaxation.

Photo courtesy of Cattelan Italia.

Window Solutions

Window solutions are very important in the bedroom so consider dramatic ceiling-to-floor curtains or contemporary blinds to completely block out light for the best night’s sleep. Neutral tones for window solutions add a feeling of elegant warmth whilst patterned curtains can easily make the room feel busy. If the room is plain and neutral, a dramatic bold curtain can transform the space but make sure it is a good quality heavy fabric so that it adequately blocks out the light when it is unwanted and makes the room feel sumptuously inviting.

Photo courtesy of JAB Group.

Smart Scandinavian Beds

Technology is moving ahead so fast in the home, and the bedroom has certainly not missed out. Now you can buy a bed that accommodates for any position or firmness that you require at the time – and of all this at the touch of a button.

Vindö bed by Carpe Diem.

Bedtime Lighting

Lighting with dimmer switches are perfect for the bedroom and consider bedside lighting that is manoeuvrable so you can direct the light where you want it to be should you change position.

Bicoca lamp from Marset.

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