Interview with Denis and Damir Koric

Photos by Julia Roder

What is D2 Art Company?

D2 Art Company is an innovative company that offers “custom art”, in addition to a high-quality framing service. We offer our services at very competitive prices, especially taking into account the personal treatment we provide. We are highly experienced within the art world and serve both private clients and professionals from the world of design and decoration locally, nationally and internationally. The objective of our work is to enrich our clients’ design projects with style and quality.

We realised that there was a lot of demand from both professionals and the general public, who wanted to find “custom-made art” at reasonable prices. It is very usual that the client had a space and they were looking for a work that accommodated their taste in size, style, colour and price, all of which led them to them devote a great deal of time and energy finding the desired artwork.

What services do you offer with your concept of “custom art”?

D2 Art Company offers the possibility of creating personalised paintings, adapted to the client’s taste, taking into account the exact measurements and colours in accordance with their needs and wants. We offer our advice, without any commitment. We like to visit the space in which the client is designing to take measurements, recommend artistic styles and offer the appropriate type of support for the artwork, as well as suggest different options to achieve the best harmony within the space. Our stock includes a large and varied selection of paintings, photographs and sculptures, in distinctive artistic styles (abstract, realism and figurative, among others), as well as different techniques, ranging from hand-painted work to giclée (reproductions in limited and numbered series, as we are also publishers). All this can be done on different materials such as paper, flexi-glass, dibond (aluminium), canvas, wood, etc. Together, these options enable us to make “custom art” for our customers.

We receive in our showroom customers with very clear ideas who tell us, for example, “I want a picture on canvas in an abstract style in green and orange, 150cm x 200cm”, or “I would like a photo 200cm x 150cm of an image of New York in sepia with a picture of my daughter inserted”, or “I want a portrait of me in this artistic style”. They even ask for practical solutions such as, “I need to cover a fuse box; can you custom-make the door for me?”

Dealing with these requests, we either show them examples of what we have already done that is similar to their request, or we simply create their idea. We can create virtually whatever picture and sculpture our client wants.

Who is behind the D2 Art Company project and its “custom art”?

D2 Art Company is a project of ours – two brothers. We and our families have been living on the Costa del Sol for more than two decades. D2 Art Company was inspired by our long professional career of more than 20 years in the art world, as dealers and gallery owners (Mada Primavesi Art Gallery, Madrid).

We have promoted contemporary art nationally and internationally, advising collectors, organising exhibitions and representing recognised and emerging
artists, as well as organising exhibitions with important institutions such as Caixa Forum and Caixa Nova. One of our main artists (Berber) is in a Tate Gallery collection in London.

We have always continued to offer advice as dealers but, after seeing the demand for “custom art”, we decided to open D2 Art Company with its personalised service, also based on our considerable experience in the art world.

You have a wide range of custom art within your portfolio. From where do you source all of this?

The large selection of made-to-measure paintings we have at D2 Art Company comes from years of collecting works of art, with legal and contractual agreements, ranging from the use of images and their copyright to contracts with artists related to their works, both original and limited editions. All the limited edition works we have at D2 Art Company are exclusively available from us (except for some photographs). Only we have what we offer clients.

During the years you have been with D2 Art Company, what are some of the kinds of work you have undertaken?

We have done a bit of everything, from a private client looking for a painting for their house, to complete or partial projects with professional interior designers and architects, in private houses and apartments – as well as offices and businesses on the Costa del Sol and elsewhere in Spain. For example, a large number of our works are installed in the Nobu Marbella hotel.

Also, we have participated in projects in other locations around the world including New York, London, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Rome, Madrid, the Caribbean…

Where is the D2 Art Company showroom located?

We are right at the beginning of the Ronda road, just passed the San Pedro de Alcántara industrial estate, at the turn-off heading to La Quinta Golf. We have very convenient parking at the door, where we have a sample of everything we offer to create “custom art” together with framing services.

What do you enjoy the most about your work?

The satisfaction of finding and/or creating “custom works of art” for our clients, and seeing the joy on their faces when they feel the harmony created for their home, workplace or business. In summary, our slogan is: “quality art at very competitive prices”.

D2 Art Company
C.C. La Cancela de la Quinta, Local 9-5, San Pedro Alcántara (Marbella)
Tel. (+34) 630 942 511 / 618 356 127

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