EXPERT ADVICE – July/August Edition 2023

If you would like to obtain residency in Spain and are a non-EU citizen, one way to achieve this is by means of the so-called “Golden Visa”. You can ob tain this resident’s visa by acquiring real estate in Spain for a price equal to or higher than €500,000 per applicant. Requirements to obtain the…

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EXPERT ADVICE – May June 2023

The “declaración de renta” is the annual income tax return that taxpayers in Spain have to present to regularise their situation for the previous finan cial year. Personal income tax (IRPF) is levied on all income obtained during a financial year, including for salaried employment (payroll), self-employed income, and other income such as rents, dividends,…

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EXPERT ADVICE – March April 2023

THE SECOND CHANCE L AW IN SPAIN ARTICLE SUPPLIED BY WELEX LAWYERS & ACCOUNTANTS Once an agreement has been reached, and the conditions of the debts have been improved in such a way that the debtor can pay them, an insol vency administrator is appointed. This is the person responsible for manag ing and administering…

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EXPERT ADVICE – Jan/Feb Edition 2023

ACQUISITION OF A PROPERTY BY A NON-RESIDENT IN SPAIN ARTICLE SUPPLIED BY WELEX LAWYERS & ACCOUNTANTS Taxes arising from the purchase of a property do not vary whether the ac quisition is by an individual or a company, resident or non-resident in Spain. Spanish non-resident income tax is a self-declaration tax that all non-fiscal residents…

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EXPERT ADVICE – November/December 2022

A law that came into force in Spain earlier this year recognises dogs and cats as living beings endowed with sentience and no longer considered as chattels. This Spanish law is accompanied by changes in three different laws: Civil Code, Penal Code and Mortgage Law. The changes mean that animals cannot be seized, mortgaged, abandoned,…

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In this article we talk about inheritance in Spain and the figures of “executor” and “accountant partidor”, highlighting the functions entrusted to them in the Spanish Civil Code after a person’s death. The executor is the person appointed by the deceased in their will to carry out its provisions and therefore execute their last will.…

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EXPERT ADVICE – July/August Edition 2022

In recent years, there has been a considerable boom in tourist rentals in Spain. As an owner of a residential property in Andalucía, you can offer it as tourist accommodation for rent by marketing or promoting it through tour ist channels, such as real estate agencies, mediation companies or digital booking management channels. However, there…

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EXPERT ADVICE – May/June 2022

VAT ON TOURIST ACCOMMODATION IN SPAIN ARTICLE SUPPLIED BY WELEX LAWYERS & ACCOUNTANTS The rental of a property in Spain can be exempt from VAT (IVA) but also sub ject to different VAT rates, specifically 10 per cent or 21 per cent depending on the type of property and services provided to clients. The VAT…

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EXPERT ADVICE – March & April 2022, Issue 79

CONVEYANCING SERVICES IN SPAIN ARTICLE SUPPLIED BY WELEX LAWYERS & ACCOUNTANTS The conveyancing process in Spain begins when your offer on a house is accepted and finishes when you receive the keys, and it covers all the legal stages when buying property in Spain. Stage 1 This stage of the conveyancing process comprises searching for…

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How to Acquire Spanish Nationality supplied by Welex Lawyers & Accountants

Spanish nationality can be acquired by different means, as stated in Spanish law. These cover birth, adoption, choice, naturalisation or exceptional circumstances, always in accordance with the government’s discretionary Royal Decree criteria. Nationality can also be acquired by legal residence in Spain under the terms established by law. Once the circumstances that originate the right…

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Train Your Respiratory Muscles By Rachel Garrod

These past few weeks I have been seeing patients with post COVID-19 sequelae, which refers to longer term complications following the initial infection. Imagine, a long period of bed rest and inactivity, weeks or possibly months of breathing dependent on a ventilator, fibrotic damage to the lungs as a result of the infection, muscle problems… Read More

Major International Expansion Plans for GC Studio & Interview with Lucia Casaus and Alexis González

When interior designer Lucia Casaus and architect Alexis González founded GC Studio – formerly González-Casaus – in Marbella, they focused on the concept of creating a distinctive style for  luxury residences and villas, backed by a fully dedicated service for clients. Now the rebranded firm is expanding internationally, with new high-end projects in Rome, Paris… Read More


DO YOU NEED A PROCEDURAL LAWYER IN SPAIN? Article supplied by Welex Lawyers & Accountants   Are you acting as a de facto or de jure director of a company operating in Spanish territory or of a Spanish company? Do you believe that you have suffered an injury to your property or rights as a…

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How the Quarantine has Affected INTERIOR DESIGN – Interview with Creative Director Olivia O

How are you helping clients make their homes more comfortable and functional following the official quarantine period? More than ever, people are looking into investing in their residences. The post-COVID client will be more attuned to flaws in their homes after taking a closer look at them while staying at home. Lately, we have received…

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The Latest Trends and Products to Hit the Outdoor Living Market With restrictions on travel being extended for certainly, the medium-term future, venturing overseas is seemingly impossible for the upcoming months. So now that we don’t have travel expenses, we can invest those hard-earned euros in transforming our home’s outdoor living space into a veritable… Read More

Entertaining At Home

Fun Kitchen Utensils & Gadgetry With our hectic lives, our kitchens need to be easy to clean with efficient appliances and easy-to-use gadgetry so we can knock-up our culinary creations with the least amount of hassle. The kitchen has become the centre of the home with new technology, materials and design innovations enhancing the homeowner's… Read More

Lighting Trends that Literally Lighten the Mood

Add instant aesthetic gratification by carefully considered lighting solutions in your home. Lighting injects soul into a home and can transform a space into a magical oasis making it inviting and cosy. Ambient lighting adds emotion and warmth making the space inviting and easy in which to relax. Internationally-acclaimed interior designer, blogger and retailer, Abigail… Read More

Home Office Ideas

Working From Home Despite the fact that many of us have been forced to work at home due to the current coronavirus pandemic, modern-day living has meant in recent years that more people than ever have been working from home. The Pluralis desk from Fritz Hansen with their Kaiser Idell desk lamp, Wave desk organiser… Read More