Containing With Containers

By Alia Babapulle Whenever possible, choose a container whose material, colour, and shape blend with the décor and show-off the individual plant or group at its best. The choice is really huge, both in style and material used, allowing a range of rustic to ultra-modern. Unlikely household objects, such as old watering cans, birdcages, kettles,…

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Small Gardens: Love Them or Loathe Them?

By Alia Babapulle Any small garden has to be worked hard to look good all year, and so does the gardener have to work hard. This could be the only private outside area to relax in and, with the current trend in modern design, gardens are increasingly seen through large glass doors or picture windows.…

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Indoor Goodness Choosing the Right House Plants

As we are in a colder season now, I thought we should look at the myriad of opportunities obtaining beautiful house plants. Decorative, useful and easy to take care of, they bring a lot of good into our homes. Do think about where you want to put them. Some plants cannot stand draughty spots, others…

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