Gourmet Home Cooking - Creative Ideas For The Barbecue Season

GOURMET HOME COOKING – Creative Ideas for the Barbecue Season


(Recipe serves four people…)
2½ kg. spare ribs full of meat, directly from the butcher
1 big onion in slices
2 laurel leavess and 2 big dried chillis
salt and about 12 whole grains of pink peppers

Cut the raw spare ribs into eight large pieces, two nice big pieces for each person. Boil them with the
onions and all the spices in plenty of water for approximately 30 minutes. When they are done, dip
them in your homemade barbecue sauce and then throw them on the grill until they have a good grill
colour on both sides. Brush with plenty of barbecue sauce along the way, so they stay nice and juicy.
With the insider trick about boiling the spare ribs before you put them on the barbecue, you have
the most juicy and delicious meat, which easily separates from the bones. At the same time, it’s
fast and you don’t have to be nervous that they might be raw inside, dry or burned on the grill.
Our American style spare ribs are always served with raw grilled corn, homemade coleslaw and
the world’s best gourmet potato.


2 chopped garlic
1 onion chopped in small pieces
500 gr. fresh chopped tomatoes
3 tablespoons concentrated tomato
3 tablespoons brown sugar
3 tablespoons maple syrup or honey
4 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
3 tablespoons Worcester sauce
1 tablespoons soya
1 fresh finely chopped red chilli
½ dl. good virgin olive oil
Fresh thyme, paprika, cayenne pepper, tabasco,
salt and pepper to your taste

Fry the garlic, onions and chilli in the oil at medium-high heat. Add the brown sugar and let it caramelise
a little bit. Add the balsamic vinegar and the rest of the ingredients. Let the sauce simmer at medium heat for approximately 20 minutes. Blend the sauce with a hand blender and you will achieve a nice creamy consistence. This barbecue sauce is a must in the fridge over the entire grill session and it’s also a perfect companion for burgers and hot wings.


½ kg. carrots
½ kg. white cabbage
½ red onion
juice from ½ lemon
1 teaspoon spiced white wine vinegar
1 dl. of your favourite mayonnaise
1 dl. crème fraîche 18%
Fresh chopped parsley, salt and pepper

Peel all the carrots, grate them in your food processor or by hand just to get some exercise, then leave them to dry on a clean kitchen towel. Cut the white cabbage and the red onion into very thin slices. Mix the remaining
ingredients together and season with salt and pepper before mixing everything together. Refrigerate for at least half an hour before serving. If you want an extra special taste, you can add some freshly chopped celery and grains of cumin to the recipe.

Gourmet Home Cooking - Creative Ideas For The Barbecue Season


1 kg. high-quality potatoes for frying
1 dl. white wine vinegar
1 large spoonful salt… yes I’m serious!
1 litre sunflower oil
Maldon flake salt and pepper

Cut the potatoes into boats or your favourite size and rinse them in cold water, until the water loses the milky white colour. Cook with water, vinegar and salt until they are “almost” done and still a bit crunchy. Rinse
them in ice-water for some minutes to stop the cooking process. Leave to rest in the refrigerator for at least half an hour. Now they are ready for first frying in oil. When the potatoes begin to take a little colour from the
frying, it’s important they cool down again and get another chill in the fridge for at least half an hour – and they can also be frozen for later. These pre-made potatoes are ready for the final frying in the oil, whenever you
need them. Mix the Maldon salt flakes with pepper and a bit of paprika and sprinkle over the potatoes before serving.

It might seem a bit of work just for some potatoes, but I can assure you it is worth the whole process. You get the crispiest crust on the outside with delicious creamy filling inside… these are the world’s best and tastiest gourmet potatoes.

By the way, did I mention one of my restaurants in Denmark was called “American Spareribs”?!

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