Lighting Trends that Literally Lighten the Mood

Add instant aesthetic gratification by carefully considered lighting solutions in your home. Lighting injects soul into a home and can transform a space into a magical oasis making it inviting and cosy. Ambient lighting adds emotion and warmth making the space inviting and easy in which to relax. Internationally-acclaimed interior designer, blogger and retailer, Abigail Ahern strongly believes that apart from colour, lighting “is the most transformative thing you can do to your room no matter your style or colour palette.”

Raindrop pendant lamps by Studio Italia Design.

Putting Fun in Functionality with Table Lamps

The white Scantling table lamp by Marset.

Lamps for reading can be accused of being merely functional hence a little boring, but this does not have to be the case. As mentioned in our Home Office blog, there are desk lamps that are decorative and serve perfectly well whilst reading enhancing the look of the workspace and giving it a feeling that is less “stiff”. Bedside lighting, as opposed to lighting overhead, immediately makes a bedroom feel calmer and more relaxing generally offering a soft ambient hue in the room, and when reading, a functional light that can be easily switched off.

Lighting That Adds Drama

The Taccia table lamp by Flos.

There are many lighting fixtures that also serve as a sculptural piece of art, so lighting does not just have to be about practicality alone. An oversized floor or table lamp, for example, adds drama and interest to a room.

Directional light can also highlight special features such as a treasured painting, sculpture or plant, bringing them into their full glory at night.

Spoil yourself with an eye-catching lamp that has an unusual shape or colour to give a designer look to your living space and grouping pendant lamps is a great way to make a design statement.

The Ballet pendant lamps by Arturo Álvarez.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting by Cattelani & Smith.
Outdoor lighting by Vibia.

Outdoor lighting is often an area that is forgotten, but adding soft glowing light to your outside space will entice you to spend more time enjoying the natural beauty of your garden on warm evenings. Floor lamps and more specifically, up-lights are a great way to showcase a water feature or your garden’s natural vegetation casting beautiful leafy shadows, as well as to light up pathways. Wall sconces and bollards at the front of your house can give your home instant curb appeal as well as the added benefit of keeping intruders away.

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