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Working From Home

Despite the fact that many of us have been forced to work at home due to the current coronavirus pandemic, modern-day living has meant in recent years that more people than ever have been working from home.

The Pluralis desk from Fritz Hansen with their Kaiser Idell desk lamp, Wave desk organiser and Buckets penholder.

The Ergonomic Office Chair

Creating a working space in your home does not necessarily mean that you have to turn this area into a clinical corporate-style space. Naturally, a home office needs to be ergonomic and with that, a comfortable chair that swivels and can be adjusted to your height is important so that your feet can be flat on the floor to help your posture whilst working. It must also offer good lumbar support with recline-and-tilt functionality that the seat can adapt to your individual seating requirements.

The Generation office chair by Knoll.
The Nasdaq desk from Cattelan Italia.

Choosing The Right Desk

It is generally considered that the ideal height for a desk is between 70cm and 75cm making sure that when you are seated, your arms are bent at a 90-degree angle and there is enough space for your legs underneath to move around. The size of the desktop is also a consideration because it needs to be large enough for your monitor to be half a metre away from your eyes and slightly tilted upwards at around 15 degrees with the top of the screen at your eye level. A well-sized desk allows for all-important storage accoutrements such as a stationery organiser or a desktop file holder for easy access whilst working. Built-in drawers with compartments are a great way to keep your work station as tidy and organised as possible.

Paul Smith and Angelpoise collaborated to create the Type 75 Desk Lamp combining contemporary style in a classic design.

Desk Lamps to Minimise Eyestrain

Lighting is key for a productive working environment. Natural light is ideal (so long as your screen is not facing the sun giving you a distracting glare), but when you don’t have the sun to rely on and you are working in poor lighting, a table lamp has to be your next go-to light source to avoid eyestrain and keep up your morale. An adjustable desk lamp offers directional light to exactly where you need it and is the ideal option for work though a decorative table lamp adds a designer touch and softens the look of a desk giving the workspace added personality.

The Flowerpot table lamp from &Tradition (shown here with their Palette desk).

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