The Transformation of Villa Fortuna

Villa Fortuna in La Zagaleta, Marbella

Marbella hosts some of the most luxurious properties in the whole of Spain. Home & Lifestyle Magazine have been following this formidable build…

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In the hills of La Zagaleta a veritable metamorphosis has taken place; like a caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly, Villa Fortuna has emerged a stunning example of modern architecture married to opulent luxury.

La Zagaleta Villa Fortuna

Where once there stood a charming but ageing villa in one of the most desirable locations within the select country club estate of La Zagaleta, there now proudly stands an imposing contemporary villa in which high-tech has been employed to offer the very highest standards of comfort and elegance.

La Zagaleta Villa in Marbella

Follow the Ronda road up to La Zagaleta’s first gate and you come to a world of greenery framed by imposing views back across the Marbella coastline and the Mediterranean Sea that borders it. Here you will find the more established properties in La Zagaleta, for this is the choice location from which it was first developed, offering the best combination of views, access and natural surroundings.

Facing south, you survey much of Marbella’s coastal strip laid out before you, not to mention a wide expanse of sea that stretches away to Ceuta, Morocco and the Rock of Gibraltar, where it meets the outline of our own coast. Turn around and what you see is a small collection of luxurious villas tucked between green hillsides rising to meet the mighty mountains that mark the beginning of the Serranía de Ronda range.

La Zagaleta Hills Marbella

It is a setting worthy of an equally inspiring home, and it is here that a group of experts have come together to create not just a modern villa, but one that incorporates the finest elements of their respective talents: architectural styling, modern high-quality construction, the finest contemporary materials and finishes, exquisite furnishing and all the luxuries advanced technology can offer.

Bathroom in Villa Fortuna La Zagaleta

The project designed by Carlos Lamas and headed by Udo Fleischmann of Atlas Build has seen the transformation of an older villa into a state-of-the-art one, and in the process has evolved into a landmark property that can serve as a benchmark for luxury modern homes in this region. Counting many regional firsts in its construction techniques, use of materials and specification lists, this was also meant to be a somewhat pioneering project that could showcase the range of talent and know-how that exists within our midst.

“In modern tastes luxury or elegance is not enough,” says Udo, “let alone mere functionality. Today’s buyer of a villa of this standard wants his property to be a home where he can relax and feel comfortable, yes of course, but also a style statement, and an exciting place full of options and diversions. Like many of today’s luxury items it has to offer an experience to savour.”

La Zagalet Villa

A step beyond
The philosophy behind Villa Fortuna is therefore to go beyond modern aesthetic styling and decoration, and to take high-end villa specs a step further. Nowadays there is almost a check list for top-end homes of this kind, including a range of must-have elements such as designer kitchens, infinity edge pools, home cinemas, indoor pools with spa, multi-car garages, security and full domotic home automation systems.

Illusion San Pedro de Alcantara cinema room

These are incorporated into today’s better homes with a varying degree of success depending on the skill of the architect, the technical abilities of the lighting and audiovisual engineers, and the attention to detail of builder and interior designer alike. In choosing this project as a showpiece of their abilities, the professionals that have come together to design, build and finish Villa Fortuna have created something that takes the concept of the modern Marbella villa a step beyond the ordinary.

If you could call a lavish, expansive home full of the finest materials and latest gadgetry ordinary – and in Marbella we just about could – then it is a project like this that moves the goal posts and takes the format to a higher sphere of design, engineering and fitting. The natural gradient has been cleverly used in the design, the home’s modern lines blend in with their surroundings and both layout and orientation is distributed in such a way that there is an easy flow between rooms in which views and natural light are optimised.

Roman Windows La Zagaleta Marbella

The positioning of the tall, full-length windows, the terraces and the drop-edge swimming pool heightens this experience, creating special spaces with a true sense of occasion. Touch-sensitive lighting effects create the ambience you long for, whilst maintenance and security functions, like climate settings are at the tip of your finger. Clean, light interiors are given further substance with fine wooden floors that match the earthy tones of the natural surroundings to be admired from many perspectives within the property. Together they create an exceptional living environment whose pioneering spirit cannot help but conjure up the creative inspiration of groundbreaking architects such as Eero Saarinen, whose early modern structures continue to mesmerise the eye.

La Zagaleta Marbella

This sense is also present in the private spa, where a heated indoor pool with cinema screen forms the focal point of a very ambient space. This home is made up of a collection of such private and recreational spaces, connecting to form a whole whilst also offering the kind of experiences that so suit the 21st century villa, and all the options technology bestow it. In creating such an advanced concept of living for a modern era, the team responsible for Villa Fortuna have successfully completed its metamorphosis into a benchmark of contemporary design and engineering.







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