ART & CULTURE – July/August Edition 2022

Thomas Bickham


Danish celebrity Thomas Bickham has moved to Marbella, where he aims to change the way we think about decorating in the future. He is an executive hybrid artist in the intersection of visual storytelling, design, bespoke interior and jewellery. When you see his work, it becomes clear that Thomas Bickham is drawing outside the lines, and if you own one of his designs you can be sure that it will be a talking point in your home. He works with the finest materials the world has to offer, and it is not un usual to find his works mounted with diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and semi-precious stones. As a freelance designer, his collaborations with various companies take him around the world to countries such as Greenland, China, France, Dubai, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, the US and India – working with the most skilled craftsmen and creating exquisite interiors. He is currently working on what will probably become the most expensive bathtubs in the world, made from rubies. One will set you back approxi mately €8 million, but for that price you also get a cubic metre of snow from Greenland, to heat up in the tub. “I try to evoke an emotion, a sense of belonging and connection, in what I create,” Thomas told Home & Lifestyle Magazine this spring. “And even if

people can’t verbalise it, they can certainly sense it when they see my work. It’s like your soul is getting a hug.” He often constructs fountains and lavish flower arrangements, using sustain able preserved flowers to add colour, tranquillity and organic experiences. Sustainability is always on his mind, and in Thomas’ opinion the “use and throw away mentality” is now a thing of the past. He believes that we should buy less and buy well-crafted furniture that can last a lifetime or be re-used. When asked about his design philosophy he says, “I wish to expand the gen eral perception of design. My designs are often inspired by nature so, wheth er it is a room I’m decorating or a body I’m creating jewellery for, I’m in a sense landscaping. I work intuitively with my clients. They are not just buying furniture or jewellery; they are investing in pieces of art that reflect their own sense of unique beauty. My work is an expression of their personal freedom, authenticity and limitlessness in a new form.”

For more info: Instagram: thomasbickham

Photo by Frederik Johs

Photo by Frederik Johs

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