Building a Unique Style: ARK Arkitects

A residential build is an exciting project for any homeowner to consider, and such an undertaking shines in the hands of architects who bring an incomparable amount of creativity and expertise. Whether it’s a residence that makes the most of the Mediterranean light or an interior and exterior space designed in harmony, ARK Arkitects can create a home that is not only unique in style but comfortable and functional.

ARK Arkitects is a nationally recognised architectural studio located in Sotogrande, with a wide diversity of projects including commercial, high-end residential and luxury villas. The company’s bilingual multidisciplinary team of technical architects offers a complete and quality service to their clients, incorporating architecture, landscaping and interior design, and covering all professional aspects in the field of building and town planning. Their services deal with everything from the production of the initial project and pilot project documentation, to consultancy and license applications, and putting works out to tender. Projects are produced using the latest technology in Computer Automated Design, and realistic 3D virtual simulations are created so the client can actually see the project before it is built. ARK Arkitects also controls the complete project from site management to supervision of the final building process. This guarantees that the final project is completed to the utmost standards of quality, safety and always delivered on time. With more than 10 years experience in the construction sector, Ark offers its clients substantial guarantees in the level of service, providing both a professional and a competent approach.

Ark’s architectural style is defined as a fusion of classical and modern architecture, a review of Andalusian traditional architecture adapted to the times and needs of contemporary life. In their designing process, ARK pays special attention to detail and the use of materials, selecting all of them meticulously. Their continuous research into different traditional materials such as iron, mortar and copper, as well as the application of modern techniques, allows them to reach spectacular results in all their projects.

“Tradition should not dictate what a home has to be. We design a home for the way its owner lives. The architecture, the landscaping, the exterior design to the decoration, arrangement and interior design of inside spaces. A home that is a unique, personal and an intimate place, a home that reflects its owner.”



Centro Comercial Sotomarket, Oficina nº2, Autovía del Mediterraneo A-7, Salida 130, 11310 Sotogrande, San Roque, CÁDIZ

T: 956 79 31 66

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