Contemporary Andalucian Architecture

Villa Oasis

Harmonious Bliss

A stunning union between natural landscape, cutting-edge architecture and arresting décor, this exceptional villa offers both harmony and sophisticated beauty. It is a dream home that highlights all the core architectural styles of its creator, ARK.

Located in one of Sotogrande’s finest areas, this magnificent villa brings together traditional and modern architecture, a new vision of classic Andalucian style that adapts to the requirements and preferences of modern lifestyles without losing its timeless charm.

The property’s potent sense of harmony is reflected in expansive and translucent spaces, with the indoor and outdoor areas interacting in a way that gives a magical form to brilliantly luminous patios – featuring columns and fountains that add a refreshing touch to the ambience.

An exceptional space where each room is bathed in natural light thanks to the use of vaulted ceilings, glass display cabinets and other pieces that enhance the Mediterranean’s cosy warmth.




Modern Interpretation of Classic Architecture

ARK is committed to ongoing research into various traditional materials including iron, mortar and copper and the application of modern state-of-the-art techniques, enabling it to achieve eye-catching results with all its projects.

The company is also closely involved with the interior decoration, creating the home as a whole – not in an isolated fashion – with the landscape, exterior design, architecture and decoration all blending together to ensure a harmonious finished home – like the property featured here.

With more than a decade of experience in the construction sector, ARK comprises a multi-disciplinary team of technical architects specialising in the different fields of building and town planning. The company currently has two offices offering all the necessary resources and the highest quality standards.

In designing spaces that are completely devoid of visual barriers, ARK achieves a perfect symbiosis between distinctive architectural styles to ensure maximum advantage is taken of the Mediterranean’s famed light.

An intelligent mix of light and shadow, and warmth and freshness, finds its way into all the corners of an ARK home. Lofty windows let in as much natural light as possible and small strategically placed details ensure intimacy and privacy.

Committed to excellence, ARK pays special attention to materials, selecting them all meticulously, and also gives the same importance to landscape and surroundings as to the actual house itself – “since we are dealing with living things”.



























ARK Arquitectos


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