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Contemporary Gardening

By Beatrice S. De Perlac

Descriptions such as minimalistic, clean lines, monochromatic, and contrast in colours and textures come to mind when explaining a “contemporary garden”. However, I would like to add another very relevant word that will soon inevitably be used when defining a contemporary garden – and that is “sustainable”.

When asking a landscape gardener to design your garden you should insist that it also be intelligent and sustainable. This will definitely add extra value to your property and also allow you to save money on its maintenance. And what should be even more important is that you will be part of the trend towards positive change in mentality and bad habits.

Questions you should ask your designer include:

Are the plants chosen suitable for this climate and soil? Because you want to save money on chemicals to help them survive…

Could the plants chosen be changed for plants that also give us fruit?

Can we have our own veggies?

Can we have areas with sand and pebbles?

Can we irrigate with rainwater?

Can we use solar energy for the exterior lighting?

Do we have an area for composting? This is extremely important, not only because of the money you save but also for the lush look your garden will have.

Can we use the wood we prune for the fireplace?

Are we planting close together plants that help each other, such as aromatics to keep bugs away and attract bees for pollinating?

Can we have a water feature to attract birds?

Adarve Gardens offers a free permaculture study of your new house and garden project, which at the least you will find interesting!

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