Costa Bear: Make your own personalised Teddy Bear!

Costa Bear is a fantastic new place for kids to create their very own personalised teddy bear! Situated in the San Pedro de Alcántara industrial estate on the Costa del Sol, Costa Bear was created by two mothers, Marisa and Deborah, who felt that there needed to be something more for children to do on the Costa del Sol. It is an ideal venue for children’s parties as it is supervised by fully-qualified staff and there is even a popcorn stall and a chocolate fountain to enjoy.

As you enter through the front door of Costa Bear’s house, you are met by Costa Bear himself. He sits you around a circular table and he stands in the middle offering advice on how best to put your customised teddy together. You start off by choosing what kind of teddy you would like and then you go about customising him or her. There is a special machine that stuffs your teddy to your exact huggable requirements and then you can start putting other things inside to personalise your teddy even more such as little tags that represent love, a wish, a hug, courage, friendship or a kiss. You can also give your teddy a nice smell (that lasts for around nine months) such as talc, melon, strawberry, candyfloss, chocolate or jasmine. Everything that goes inside your teddy meets industry standards and is completely childproof.

Now that your teddy is starting to take shape, he needs to make some noise. With a small recording device, you can make your own personal recording or use one of the standard sounds on offer such as a laugh, cry, snore, birthday song plus much more. Once the sound has been stored, the device is put inside your teddy so when you squeeze him or her, they will make the desired sound. All that is left is to do now is to dress the teddy. There is a large selection of garments to choose from at Costa Bear, but if there isn’t anything there that takes your fancy, an outfit can be custom-made for you. After your teddy has been registered and certified with his or her very own ID card, your teddy is ready to go home!


(+34) 951 275 793.

Calle Budapest 24, Pol. Ind San Pedro de Alcántara 29670.

Open from Monday to Saturday

Photo: David Toms Photography

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