Garden Landscape: contemporary design

Creating a Prize-Winning Garden in Marbella

By Beatrice S. de Perlac, Landscape Gardener




Members of the oldest gardening club in Spain, Club de Jardinería de la Costa del Sol, held their 51st gardening awards ceremony this year. The founder and president of the club is Remedios del Río, who was also a judge. The judges were a group of professionals who were either landscape gardeners or have a background in art and design. Over the years, Marbella’s gardening culture has been growing more and more, and so has the number of participants in this important competition. We at Adarve were very proud of a project we carried out in Marbella’s Calle del Cerro Muriano, so we decided to enter this garden into the competition. We entitled the project “Jardín de la Luz” (“Garden of Light”) as it optimised on openness and sunlight. As luminosity was our objective, we placed white sand and pebbles around the garden and created nice clean spaces and straight lines to give the garden a minimalist look that was bright and uncluttered. Everything in the garden was strategically placed to not only offer beauty but also functionality. As the garden was designed with a minimalistic approach, there were very few shadows, thus making the whole garden appear illuminated. Remedios del Río was very impressed with our design and choice of plants for the garden and, to our delight, our “Garden of Light” won the best contemporary garden prize. We are very proud to have won this prestigious award as we have always prided ourselves on our contemporary design ideas.

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