Designa: New Premises in Centro Nórdico

Designa’s shop is now slightly further down the Mijas Road. They have moved into Centro Nórdico, which is located just after Aldi in Mijas. “We have had a great start in Spain as a shop-in-shop store at Loft & Roomers,” says Johnny Thomsen, “but since they have now closed their business we had to find other premises.

Due to Designa’s great momentum and success with both private and business customers, there was no time to waste, and the decision to move to the new premises was taken quickly. “There have been worried customers who thought Designa might have also closed the store. However, with the opening of the shop in the new premises, we would like to stress that we continue to offer kitchens, bathrooms and wardrobes in top Danish quality at a great price.” Designa provide a comprehensive
range of options in beautiful Scandinavian design, including installation and setup. “We have our own warehouse here on the Costa del Sol, which means that the delivery time is extremely short. If you are the type who prefers to set up and assemble your own kitchen, we can also easily offer this option. Then you just pick up your order in the warehouse at a price that can beat IKEA prices.”

Centro Nórdico, Crta. de Mijas, Km. 4.5, Mjias
Tel. (+34) 647 225 106
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10am-18pm, Saturday by appointment.

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