By Alia Babapulle


As always, I wish you all the very best for 2021; it surely cannot be as maddening and confusing as 2020.
Please remember your plants could take a battering with the weather in the winter months, so try to protect them if needed. Pruning back, always above a node, has to be done soon.Mulching with a good compost for a garden and or a terrace is very important. Cover plants in pots with a light plastic sheet if the rain is torrential so that they do not get damaged. Move them around; they like it and so will you as they bloom again next year.
This article is about something different, however. Cut some branches off trees if you can and store them somewhere dry. Collect pine cones and dry them as well – driftwood from the beach also. Sprayed in gold, silver or a colour, they can become the centrepiece for your season’s decorations, mixed together with baubles. On the mantelpiece, if you have one, hang plenty to give a sumptuous look. Not only are you clearing the garden but also using nature to make a grand design. With plenty of scented candles mixed in among them, they are a perfect way to decorate. Candles should be high in a candle holder or in a deep glass container so they will not cause a fire.

Your table can also benefit from the heady smells of pine and cinnamon sticks together. For example, wrap a cinnamon stick with natural raffia around the table napkin and push a pine cone, sprayed or natural, into the wrapping. For a rustic look, this is perfect.
There are hundreds of ways to decorate a table. I have, for many years, posted all sorts of décor on my Facebook page (@AliaBInteriorDesign) and have had many happy hours of chasing up new trends. There, if you scroll back, you will see so many photos and comments of mine, and I hope you find something which pleases you and is different to your normal décor.
As we face a year ahead of great uncertainty, never neglect your plants. They can give you peace, and remove negativity simply by thinking about them and not about the world we live in.

Stay safe for 2021, and I hope you will all be back with me once more.

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