Gardening in Spain

Gardening Ideas in Spain

Let’s Go Garden Crazy!

By Beatrice S. De Perlac

Is your garden looking a little sad? Spring has arrived and it’s time to give it a little treat. Follow me and I will help you know where to start.
The outdoor nightlife is beginning, so time to check your exterior lighting. RGB LED Lights are a fantastic solution to create a fun ambience in your terrace or garden. If you have a swimming pool you can surprise your friends by changing the colour lights. But be careful with the light up furniture: it sounds fun but you might not always get the right result.
If you want to give your outdoor space a little Zen touch find a spot where you can spread some white pebbles and, why not, incorporate a sculpture or water feature.
Blossoming shrubs… they are inexpensive and they really change a space. Check out Dimorphothecas: you will have them flowering until September and you can obtain them in many colours.
And here comes my favourite: a vertical garden. You can find them in any size and hang them on terraces with full sun or shade, or even in interior spaces.
It is also a good idea to work with a professional like myself to help you with the planting and choosing the right plants.

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