Had Breast Implants and Concerned about Capsular Contracture?


Capsular contracture is when deposits of tightly-woven collagen fibres in the human body are created by the immune system due to the insertion of foreign objects, such as a breast implant. In the case of capsular contracture from a breast implant, the breast tissue will harden and the breast can misshapen and become uncomfortable. Capsular contracture is very rare but can occur years after surgery. Bar removing the problematic breast implant and inserting a new one consisting of polyurethane foam which has a minimal risk of capsular contracture, there has not been a quick and painless method available to resolve this problem on the southern coast of Spain… until now.

Though Ocean Clinic have hardly ever come across capsular contracture with their own patients, this centrally located clinic in Marbella has had to correct now has the first Capsuloblast™ machine on the coast – a small machine providing a non-surgical solution preventing and treating varying degrees of capsulation. Using ultrasonic waves that produce a high frequency vibration that penetrates into the deeper layers of the fibrosis, it softens the hardened tissue with no known side-effects. Depending on the severity, you can make an appointment as an out-patient for around five to seven sessions that last between ten and twenty painless minutes at a time.

Ocean Clinic has further expanded their clinic to offer an even better environment for recuperation if required, offering three beautiful in-patient rooms and various treatment rooms, all in a contemporary, state-of the-art design. Ocean Clinic also collaborates with other medical specialists offering them the use of their modern installations.

Ocean Clinic

Av. Ramon y Cajal, 7, Marbella 29600

Tel: (34) 951 775 518 or (+34) 952 900 836 Email: info@oceanclinic.net

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