Indulge in your desire for water

As human beings our bodies are mostly made up of water — it is a part of us, running through our veins, arteries and muscles. It is perhaps why we crave the solace of the ocean or sea and so often feel the need to capture a piece of that ephemeral substance in the form of a pool. Water is transparent, yet it exists. lt is thin, yet is strong enough to easily take our weight. It is cold, yet can also be hot. A contradictory element that we all love and that we all love to share, and a stunning garden pool gives us that opportunity.

Piscinas Godo understand the different needs of different people when it comes to designing and building a pool, because there are many questions to be answered. What will be its orientation from the sun? Is it required to be heated? Are there any children to be catered for (perhaps with a separate pool)? Does it need to be deep or shallow? How about an accompanying Jacuzzi? Is your pool to be extravagant and mercurial or practical and steadfast?

And then there is the design of the immediate surroundings to consider. A beach theme with sand? A tropical theme with timber? A mixture of both?

There are so many variations to consider, but whatever you desire, Piscinas Godo can provide it. A pool is like a luxury car. lt requires the installation of pumps, pipes, filters… the engine if you like. You need the best components and the best engineering to make it run smoothly and efficiently. And like any luxury car, the exterior quality, style, and detail of the finished product, is all important. At Piscinas we source only the best materials for your pool from America, Italy, and Germany.  So let us make a difference.

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