Skill by Modulnova

Lightness and linearity are key characteristics of the Skill bathroom range, designed by Carlo Presotto and Andrea Bassanello, as its innovative patented system is just five millimetres thick – something of a revolutionary concept.
Its profile is entirely sunk into the door, which is perceived as extremely narrow and light. The patent is the result of a great deal of technical research that merges stylish design with functionality, plus the value-added feature of combining different materials and finishes. What is also particularly interesting is how it makes the most of the limited space thanks to the floor-to-ceiling vertical design. The elegant stoneware, which comes as one single structure, combined with a stoneware backsplash with a Gres Vintage finish perfectly matches the Milltech tall unit (2.70 metres) and Reflex finish. The freestanding bathtub is resin-coated.

Carlo Presotto and Andrea Bassanello

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