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Major Keynote Presentation Planned For Marbella

Property developer Bynok is expecting more than 1,000 real estate agents, investors and other construction industry professionals to attend a special keynote presentation on 8 March in Puerto Banús, where the pacesetting company will be outlining its new market strategies, and reporting on its current and future projects.

According to CEO Armando Gómez, Bynok has “brought about a complete revolution in the concept of real estate development, devising and implementing a comprehensive management model in which all the professionals in the sector – architects, builders, investors and end-customers- work together in a totally coordinated way, thus ensuring a better quality product, better costs and less development time”.

He notes that, at the beginning of 2017, the company already had more than 200 employees compared with just three who launched its operations in 2013. They had more than 250 real estate developments underway, compared with four projects started in 2013, and more than €300 million in investment volume compared with turnover of €1 million the year it arrived on the Costa del Sol. The company has experienced growth of over 300 per cent compared with data for 2015, a figure he says it intends to continue increasing “as forecasts for this year indicate”.

For Armando Gómez, the difference with Bynok is clear. “With the traditional method of real estate development there are different phases, with each being subject to the introduction of corresponding profit margins: land acquisition, lawyers, architecture, project manager, builder, sales…

The difference with Bynok is that all phases are coordinated within the company itself and a fixed price is guaranteed. At Bynok we eliminate all profit margins of the different phases and are able to sell well below the market price and still be able to maintain sound profits for our company and unbeatable margins of profitability for our investors.

“In addition, Bynok is constantly seeking out and applying the most innovative construction systems, using materials and construction techniques highlighted by latest technology and the highest quality.”

Last year, Bynok initiated its international expansion and began managing the development of more than 1,000 homes in different areas, with the Costa del Sol its main current market.

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