Making your Garden your Outdoor Living Room

As you dream of creating a private oasis in your garden, the prospect of excavating, shaping, smoothing, paving and planting may seem a daunting task. Fortunately, there are professionals who know every step of that process and are ready to help, and JHK Special Gardens are experts in designing, creating and maintaining Andalucia friendly gardens.

For years JHK have blended elegance with functionality, vision with detail, and with a wealth of experience in landscaping, garden design and plant and tree selection they can bring your ideas life, texture, colour and a little magic, creating a beautiful setting that will bring you pleasure for years to come. From pathways, retaining walls, driveways, ponds and water features to shrub borders, shade trees, herb gardens and flower beds, they have the expertise in knowing what will work best in your garden, whilst still giving you the creative freedom to express the colours, fragrances and basic materials yourself.

In creating a comfortable outdoor living area, decking is a particularly attractive option — they’re eco-friendly, low maintenance, recyclable and can be constructed with multiple levels offering versatility. JHK are specialists in incorporating beautiful decking in a way that transforms and blends into your garden without losing the original elements, designed to your needs and budget in teak or bamboo wood.

Gardens are rarely maintenance-free, and to get the maximum amount of pleasure and usage from your new or existing outdoor space, they need to be as beautiful and relaxing at all times. JHK maintenance contracts are always flexible. From a couple of hours per month, to weekly and long-term planning, and garden consultancy.

Ultimately, what JHK do best, is turning your outdoor area and garden into your own personal vibrant oasis.

To schedule a free consultation please contact:

JHK Special Garden S.L.

T: 952 897 911 M: 627896190

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