Ravishing Rugs

 During winter in          Tartans_Highland_Tepp_Det_1
Spain, stone and
marble floors can
feel quite cold so
rugs are ideal to
provide a cosy
feeling. Whether
you want a dramatic
flash of
colour across
your floor or a
rug that simply
blends into its
adding a warmer
ambience to the
room, the key
when choosing a
rug is to invest in
one that is of high
quality for
maximum durability
and aesthetic





The Blue China rug by Gan is vibrant in colour with a bright  blue and
yellow Chinese design over  this delightful circular shape. The rug also   comes in blue  and white. Gan is available at  Nezha Kanouni in Pol.    Ind.Estepona







The Brume rug by French company Toulemonde Bochart is resplendent and contemporary, instantly modernising a classic room. Placing a brightly coloured rug in a neutral room makes a real statement and can look extremely eye-catching. Toulemonde Bochart is available at Banni in CC El Capricho in Marbella (www.banni.es).




This patchwork red rug from the Mustang collection by Belgian company Limited Edition is bold and vibrant. Limited Edition is available at Femont Galvan in the Marbella Club  (www.femontgalvan.com).
Hay’s Dot Carpet is made out of 100 per cent wool felt balls which are stitched together by hand and come in various different colours. Hay is available at the Plus Store in the BoConcept showroom on the Mijas Road (www.plusstore.es).











The Fourways design by Finnish company Wood Notes is a combination of four wide stripes of different complementary colours. Wood Notes is available at Magyk in San Pedro de Alcántara (www.magyk.es).



This practical plastic rug was made in Dalarna (Sweden) and is woven on a traditional loom using wooden shuttles. It has a welded PVC ribbon to give it durability and a polyester warp (www.pappelina.com).



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