Safara Stretch Tents: A radical innovation in the industry of tents and canopies.

Waterproof and elastic, Safara Stretch Tents can be erected in a spectacular and infinite number of ways and possibilities. The tents are a result of over 5 years of advanced research and development in creating a unique material that has multidirectional elasticity, is waterproof and super strong. Manufactured using the latest application techniques, they can be erected virtually anywhere and can be tied around trees, rocks, walls and installed with or without poles.

In the public sector, Safara Stretch Tents are a great choice for events such as weddings, the presentation of a product or service, and parties or functions for hotels, beach clubs, bars and restaurants. For company sales they are also a great advertising tool as the tents can be customised with corporate logos to publicise your brand. Along with the ability to be erected almost anywhere, they also protect customers and guests from the elements all year round, and for residential areas the tents can be incorporated with garden items, plants, pools and outdoor living areas.

Easy to transport, erect and maintain, Safara tents from 30-270 metre sq., are available for rental or sale and in a wide range of colour choices (sale only) and the complete installation by the Safara Stretch Tents’ team is included.

For more information about Safara Stretch Tents please contact:

Tel. +34 620 233 240

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