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A company built on the foundations of customer service, quality products and with the right people. Home and Lifestyle magazine talk with Ian and Andrew to find out what Stages are involved in making projects from paper come to life.


The start of a project usually begins with a visit to our showroom in Estepona by a potential client. It is necessary at this point to understand and identify their requirements, and to determine if the client lives here permanently or owns a holiday home as the estimating process differs depending on individual circumstances.

A kitchen is composed of hundreds of components, appliances, worktops plus more. Products and budgets go hand-in-hand, a client could spend 250 Euros on an oven or 2,500 Euros, so material specifications have a final impact on the final quotation. It is the first fundamental step, we have to get this right the first time, and irrespective of their budget be it 5,000 Euros or 50,000 Euros it is important to us that everyone gets the same level of service.

The fact is that many clients have never bought a kitchen before and may find the process initially overwhelming. We are here to make a complicated process become straight forward, which in turn makes the whole project for the client an enjoyable and memorable experience.


A visit to the site is arranged. Rebecca, our principal designer, will spend time on site with the client and take accurate measurements of utilities, services, room sizes etc, which necessary in order to determine whether structural changes need to be made with the new design. At this stage, some clients like to provide as much information regarding layout and their requirements whereas some like to leave it to our recommendations.


This stage for Ian is the most exciting and the most rewarding. All the details of the clients project are incorporated in to a 3D design on a large screen. I love to see the clients reaction when they see what started life as pencil lines on paper and in discussion evolve in to their dream project.


When a project is finalised the client’s file is passed to installation Director Andrew, and consists of the final design, its specification and the date the project is to start. Whether it’s a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom all the main products will have already been ordered for me by Rebecca from our international suppliers. All orders are checked and double checked before I receive them, and most now are scanned on and off the lorry with hand held terminals. Our suppliers are respected companies and damages that do occur in transit are replaced free of charge within 24 hours. This gives me peace of mind and prevents unnecessary delays to the completion of the project, it’s better for me and much better for the client.


I usually visit the site with our designer before the installation to ensure that I am fully conversant of what is required. Our team are all highly focused on delivering a project to customer expectations and team work is a basic essential tool in this process. The last thing in the world we want is an unhappy client which can be caused by an oversight in not fully understanding your designer.

Some of our installations are highly complex and can comprise of extensive building work, one of our strengths is our building team. Today, kitchens are a reflection of a person’s personality. We usually wrap walls and ceilings around a kitchen, incorporate mood lighting and truly adjust the building to suit the kitchen.

Depending on the location of a client I will either see them every day, or email photographs to update them on the daily progress of the project. This works well for both the client and for me. It gives clients the opportunity to offer any comments before things progress further, and this gives them reassurance in knowing that work is being carried out on schedule and within the agreed stage payment plans.

In short, our clients are not asked to pay until they are satisfied with the service or product provided within their budgetary requirements. This is agreed upon jointly when a contract is formed, it’s the fairest way all round.

Whether carrying out building work, installing a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, the crucial thing is to get it right first time, a majority of our business is approximately 90% recommendation, so in essence this is where our work begins.


Avenida Litoral No. 5, 12 & 13, Estepona, 29680, Málaga

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