Rugs: warm colours

Now that we are in autumn, we need to prepare ourselves for the upcoming colder months. Due to our privileged climate in southern Spain and Gibraltar, car- pets are not commonplace in the home, but this does not mean that we have to always have stark marble or tiled floors. When the cold sets in, rugs help to provide heat – retaining properties and therefore also helping towards energy efficiency. If the acoustics are bad in a room due to echo, rugs can reduce noise and absorb sound. Also, if a room is above another room, a rug can act as a sound barrier between the two floors, buffering the sound of noisy shoes. Outdoor rugs also protect wooden decking from scratches and can serve as an attractive non-slip mat next to a pool. When purchasing a rug, it is highly recommended that you invest in one made of good quality materials such as silk or wool as it will be more tactile and will last much longer than one made of synthetic materials. A natural material such as wool will develop its own character depending on how much light exposure and foot traffic it receives. With regards to sizing, experts claim that rugs under a dining table should be around half a metre longer than the edge of the table, so that dining chairs fit onto the rug; and don’t forget about your door openings – ensure that the rug does not inhibit a door from opening completely. Aesthetically, rugs instantly give a warm and cosy look to a room and come in innumerable sizes, colours, patterns and textures, making them an extremely versatile accessory. If the rug has a bold pattern or colour, it can become a focal point to a living space, like a piece of artwork; and if it is neutral, it can subtly soften the appearance of the room. If chosen correctly, a rug brings together the interior design of a room, and it does not necessarily have to be placed on a floor. These days rugs can be seen hanging on walls like works of art and be used instead of headboards, so they really do offer a range of design options.

Warm Autumnal Colours

1-RUG-LEFT-UP The Da Bomb woven cotton area rug by Dash & Albert is extremely versatile and can be placed in any room of the house. It is made out of a hand-loomed flat weave in durable 100% cotton which is lightweight, reversible and affordable. Dash & Albert is available at Jonty Lewis Interiors in Guadalmina (





1-RUG-UP-RIGHT This striking graphical rug from the Volume range by Menu is unusual in its shape. Each rug utilises four simple colours but comes in a range of muted tones. Menu is available at BoConcept Store in Mijas (






1-RUG-DOWN The Ants collection by Pappelina comes in four different lengths. It is weaved in a traditional manner in Sweden, and made of PVC and polyester warp (





Muse is a rug designed by Maja Johansson for Kasthall. The way the rug is woven gives it texture and a tactile feel that is also highly durable. The medallionstyle pattern and strong use of colour give it a stunning look when combined with plain furniture (

 3-RIGHT-UP Sahco’s Salea collection has an elegant and silky bamboo yarn with a classic paisley design. Sahco is available at UDesign in San Pedro de Alcántara (







3-DOWN This turquoise-green 100% wool rug by Limited Edition is hand-knotted and put together in Anatolia. It comes in a variety of set sizes but can also be made-to-measure. Limited Edition is available at Femont Galvan in the Marbella Club (






Scholten & Baijings’s Colour Carpet for HAY is made out of 100% New Zealand wool. It comes in six different designs each with their own unique colour scheme and graphic expression. HAY is available at the Plus Store in the BoConcept showroom in Mijas (










The Trenza rug by Gan gives a very natural feel to a room. It is hand-loomed and 100% new wool with cotton back-sizing. It comes as circular or rectangular in ivory, taupe and brown. Gan is available at Nezha Kanouni in Pol. Ind. Estepona (










The Harrington runner by The Rug Company was influenced by Charlotte Perriand’s architectural work. It is available from stock in two sizes and can also be tailor-made (










The Rangoli rug has a traditional Hindu floral design and is usually placed at the entrance of a house or building to welcome its guests, offering protection and good luck (


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