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Artenovum – Welcome to the Magical World of Bobby Bear

Artenovum is a small exclusive Danish/Spanish company and brand, filled with art and ideas… unique paintings, digital art, murals, decoration, classical and happy sculptures, and so much more. The company was founded in 2004 by Mogens Mugge Fischer and Ose del Sol, and since then they have forged a prominent presence on the art scene, not only locally in Marbella and elsewhere on the Costa del Sol, but also around the world – satisfying their many happy collectors.

They love art and decoration, and being creative, and now they are embarked on “a new daring quest to make a sculptural connection to your childhood” with their latest art project: The Bobby Bear®.

Artenovum - Welcome to the Magical World of Bobby Bear - Home and Lifestyle Magazine

They describe it as “bringing all your childhood memories together in one sculpture, a sculpture which you will be able to enjoy every day, decorating your home or office while at the same time recalling fond memories”. To help us connect with their latest creative concept, they ask, “Remember your childhood? When that adorable stuffed bear was your best friend? You carried him around with you whenever possible, you shared all your happy moments with him, and he comforted you when you were sad. It was either a bear or a dog, or another stuffed animal. A lot of us would surely never go to bed without having our best friend by our side – whispering our secrets to him before sleeping.”

According to Mugge and Ose, the idea behind The Bobby Bear® is that “even though kids grow up – well, we all grow up – we must never forget the child inside. Our stuffed friend from back then might be gone by now, or is in a box in the attic, but we are both quite sure that if you see him again your old friend will bring a big smile back to your face.”

The production is limited, as all the steps involved in making the The Bobby Bear® involve Mugge and Ose personally. It is made using 100 per cent green energy and biodegradable material, “to preserve our planet”.
The Bobby Bear® is made by 3D printer, using PLA-filament, an eco-friendly printer material produced from renewable resources (normally corn-starch), and respecting the environment. The Bobby Bear® sculptures are made from start to finish in the Artenovum workshops in southern Spain. During the whole process, the electricity used is 100 per cent certified green energy. The Bobby Bear® sculpture comes in three sizes: Mini Bobby (16 centimetres high), Bobby (22 centimetres) and Big Bobby (31 centimetres). A wide range of colours is available.Artenovum - Welcome to the Magical World of Bobby Bear - Home and Lifestyle Magazine

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