Buying a House or Apartment in Spain


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Spanish real estate is a complex area, so before you get in contact with local realtors or real estate agents get to grips with what’s involved in purchasing property in Spain. There are many ways to search for properties to buy in Spain: estate agents, property magazines and ‘’home hunters”. In more popular or urban areas estate agents offer an English-speaking service.

The whole process of buying any type of property or land in Spain is strictly regulated. Professional advice should be sought with regard to your personal situation when buying a property.

It’s important to carefully consider the location and type of property, depending on whether it will be a main residence, second home, holiday home to be let out on occasion or a property to be let as an investment for the future.

Make a list of the important elements – the purchase price, the overall size and number of rooms, whether a sotano (cellar), garage, garden, terrace or balcony is essential – as it will keep the estate agent or home hunter on the right track to finding the ideal property.

The type of property and its condition is also an important consideration. There are certain types of properties that will not be acceptable for mortgage finance. The property should be classed as “habitable”, meaning structurally sound and having the basic utilities of electricity, mains water and sewerage system, all conforming to the current regulations.

All properties that are registered on the Registro de la Propiedad (Land Registry) can be mortgaged. (This subject will be covered in the May-June edition.)

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