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Why is the smart money on green energy in Spain?

We all know that the world’s reliance on fossil fuels is unsustainable. The good news is that over the last few years the “powers that be” seem to have woken up, smelled the coffee and decided to take positive action. At the UN Climate Change Conference (Paris, 2015) global leaders pushed through initiatives to fund research, innovation and technology to make green energy more available. Closer to home in Spain, the government is a keen advocate of the EU’s goal of achieving a climate-neutral Europe by 2050.

At the vanguard of green energy…

Blessed with an abundance of sunshine, gusty plains and endless coastline, it is no accident that Spain, and in particular Andalucia, is a forerunner in green energy production, nor surprising that wind farms and sunpowered solar PVs are a common site along the coast. Martin Tye, CEO of San Pedro-based green energy brokers Mariposa Energía explains how individuals and businesses can do their bit for the environment… “Changing to green energy is a no-brainer. By switching to wind farm energy you can benefit from our cheaper electricity tariffs and save up to 35% per cent on your bill. Or opt for Solar PV panels, generate your own electricity and save money. What’s more, if you generate more than you use you will even get paid for it.” For those who are concerned about sustainability, companies such as Mariposa Energía supply cheaper electricity, and the electricity supplied is also certified by the Spanish regulatory body, Comisión Nacional De Los Mercados Y La Competencia (CNMC), as being 100 per cent green, renewable and sustainable.

So how is green electricity generated?

Wind energy is created using turbines to convert the wind’s kinetic energy into electricity via a generator. And as its name suggests, solar power is harnessed from the sunshine using solar PV (Photovoltaic) panels to absorb the light and create electrons to generate an electric current. As anyone living in southern Spain can attest, there is plenty of sunshine, making it the ideal environment for solar PV panels. The equipment is silent and can be conveniently located on the roof, and minimal maintenance is required except for keeping the panels relatively clean. Similarly, wind is freely available and it is a completely clean method of generating electricity. The large white turbines can convert up to 60 per cent of the wind’s kinetic energy into power. Wind farms are extremely successful in southern Spain due to the expansive coastal areas and open plains.

Solar versus wind power…

The type of energy you choose will most likely depend upon your circumstances. As long as you have a roof you can benefit from solar energy, making it the perfect option for villas and townhouses. If you live in an apartment you can easily switch to wind farm energy without the need for any work to be done. It’s literally easier than flicking a switch. It is obvious why the smart money is backing green energy… saving the planet is now the savvy financial option.

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