Clean, Conscious & Mindful Eating FOR A “BIKINI BODY”

Clean, Conscious & Mindful Eating FOR A “BIKINI BODY” By Natalia Belaiche

An increasing number of people understand that a more conscious way of eating could help them completely
overcome weight problems. Ideally, you should learn how to understand your body’s needs and satisfy
them with the right food. At Healthy Kitchen deli in Puerto Banús we hold nutrition workshops every
Thursday to help you reach your personal goals and achieve your best shape through healthy nutrition
and lifestyle changes.

Calorie counting has become very ineffective. When we exclude some food groups from the daily diet, our
body starts to struggle by missing certain nutrients, and once we stop the diet we gain extra weight very
quickly, as the body creates a storage for future dieting. You should understand that the calories of an apple and
a piece of a cake are very different. In theory, they provide the same amount of energy but in different bodies
they have a different impact. Having a fast metabolism, being a certain metabolic type or having a microbiome
condition or digestion problems directly affects whether your body decides to store extra calories as fat
cells or not. We all know that some people can eat 3,000 calories per day and not gain weight, and others put on
weight just by going from 1,200 to 1,600 calories.

Ideally, we should know which food is good for our body and health, but in starting to understand this, we
should push the restart button – give our digestive system a healthy break. Detox programs have become so
popular lately as they help people change their (bad) food habits, set them on a clean eating path, and get rid
of fat soluble toxins and unwanted extra weight forever. After a short detox program, you start to feel that
some foods make you feel really heavy and lazy and others bring you lightness and energy. This doesn’t
mean that you should eat only salads – it just means that you should eat what makes you feel and look
great. At our Healthy Kitchen deli we have created different detox packages which are satisfying to everyone’s
individual needs.

Some include only juices and smoothies; others detox food or soups. Any of these packages include everything you need to get you through your day and, if required, we deliver them to your doorbell in the morning. Just after a few days you will feel and look lighter and will start to discover what food is more beneficial to your very personal requirements.

Natalia Belaiche.
Nutrition health coach and co-founder of Healthy Kitchen organic deli

Avda. Playas Del Duque, Edificio Sevilla,
Puerto Banús (Marbella).

Clean, Conscious & Mindful Eating FOR A “BIKINI BODY” Clean, Conscious & Mindful Eating FOR A “BIKINI BODY”

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