Marble and Light


Italian shipyard Sanlorenzo sought out a diverse range of cutting-edge design options for its high-range SL86 yacht. The mega-yacht’s interior was designed by Marty Lowe in a version tailored to the US market, and was inspired by marble traditions from Carrara, where the shipyard is located. Lowe used large marble slabs to decorate the interiors and external lounge area, focusing on the lightness and luminosity of the spaces.

Wide windows, an open staircase, light colours and carefully studied lighting were brought together to offer an
ample, welcoming space which ensures guests’ maximum comfort. The designer’s keyword is “light”, which is why the Le Pietre Luminose collection by Lithos Design Primes was chosen to decorate the living space, creating a luminous “backstage” area behind the dining space, which becomes the focal point of the open space.

The Le Pietre Luminose collection Rigel is one of eight models of back-lit modular three-dimensional stone coverings, “where light drives the design and the design directs the light into fascinating luminous and ornamental effects”.
The collection was put together after thorough research into illumination techniques applied to the translucent properties of marble. “With Le Pietre Luminose, walls spring to life. Light enchants and enhances every facet of the design… and reveals every difference in the slope, in the thickness and in the cut of the stone, highlighting the multiplicity of the worked surfaces. Light penetrates and passes through the natural element, revealing its most sensual and intimate soul.” As a result, the marble is fully revealed and showcases the harmony of its inner layers. / /
Photos: Jim Raycroft

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