Colour Control… and Soft and Round


hl42-570-chairLooking ahead to 2016, BoConcept has outlined two key trends that will be taking centre stage. First, the renowned brand advocates botanic tones and a more controlled use of colour. “Colours inspired by nature – the golden nuances of amber, the grassy freshness of olive oil, the paleness of lichen growing on a boulder – will be a key trend going forward. The key to seamlessly incorporating them into the home is control. Instead of adding a vibrant grass green, turn the volume down and try sage instead – the result will be much more sophisticated. Once the colour of the space is in balance, there is much more room for experimentation with form and materials.”

BoConcept also forecasts a strong focus on organic shapes, sensuous textures and soft shades for 2016. “Curves will be key – whether the graceful arch of a chair back, the gentle swirls on a piece of glass art or the controlled flow of a vase. Softened corners balance the straight lines and sharp edges of the modern home. Dusty colours and warm pastels reflect a sense of ease and comfort – luxurious cream, earthy terracotta and gentle grey. Reach-out-and- touch textures like marble, felt, leather and fur enrich the senses. The balance of feminine and masculine, as in the round form of a concrete bowl, creates visual excitement.”  

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