COOL LIGHT and smooth sounds…

Lexon has become well-established as a top brand for timeless collections designed for the home, office, travel or “urban nomadism” – and two of its most popular products are the Mina table lamp and Mino mini-speaker. Created by Andrea Quaglio and Manuela Simonelli, the Mina is a small LED lamp that fits into the palm of a hand. It features two LED light set-tings (warm and cold) and a dimming function – all controlled by a but-ton on the underside – and is re-chargeable via USB-C (providing up to six hours of battery life). Its design is highlighted by a sleek aluminium base, and it comes in nine colours. With its compact size and original style, Mina can be used as a night light by your bed or as a “candle” on the dinner table. The Mino collection comprises several portable bluetooth speakers that can be taken just about anywhere. Each wireless speaker in the collection delivers an impressive sound and adds a touch of elegance to any room. Mino X is described as “the smallest floating Bluetooth speaker in the world”. It is water-resistant so ideal for lounging around the swimming pool. The Mino L fills an interior space with excellent sound quality, and also delivers on modern style.

Lexon is available from Magyk in C/ Lagasca in San Pedro de Alcántara (

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