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True to its name, the rustic look has endured for years as a chic touch to contemporary homes, and the trend is likely to maintain its popularity for many to come. One “local” (Andalucian) company that has refined the look over generations, dedicated to the hand-made production of artisanal doors and Moorish style and inspired by the Alhambra’s stunning rooms, is Puertas Rústicas Alpujarreñas (Rustic Doors Alpujarras).
Based in the heart of Granada’s picturesque Alpujarra mountain range, the family-owned company’s craftsmen carpenters are keen to preserve the knowledge and convey the spirit and essence of former times, producing woodwork in the same style as it was carved hundreds of years ago.
Their latest catalogue includes exceptional door designs featuring a combination of captivating symmetry and high-quality wood textures; as well as a series of decorative, Nasrid-inspired panelling and skirting boards.
Puertas Rústicas Alpujarreñas doors are available in Estepona from Todomadera.
Tel. (+34) 952 793 391 / www.todomaderaestepona.com


Wood is Román Clavero’s passion, and creating innovative, high-quality carpentry products has been at the core of their business for three decades. They make products using other materials, such as aluminium and bronze, but always ensuring wood remains the main protagonist. The inspirations behind their work are latest-generation German technology and meticulous selection of materials. Their influences range from styles highlighted by pure and refined lines, geometric shapes and art deco to neo-classical, new rustic and even neo-baroque. In addition, they create exclusive designs for clients if a project requires it.
In recent years, the company has adapted to changing trends in the market, from “traditional architecture” (Andalucian or rustic style… grilles, windows and doors with shutters, staves, nails, etc.) to “cubic”. New products such as their 0 Line, for example, comprise passageway doors up to three metres high, made without cover plates or flashing, and with frames level with the wall and hidden hinges.
Román Clavero
Puerto Banús Showroom. Tel. (+34) 951 775 175 / 646 761 242
Casares Factory. Tel. (+34) 952 894 194



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