Elegant and Timeless Style, WITH BECARA…

Interview with Begoña Zunzunegui (Founder)

Showroom Photos by Julia Roder


Tell us about who is behind Becara and how it started…  

Behind Becara there is a group of enthusiastic people dedicated to trying to make your life more pleasant. It started back in 1964 when I decided to start traveling all around the world looking for inspiration and materials to create new decoration concepts.





How would you define the Becara style?

Elegant and timeless.


What services do you offer?

The integral decoration of any space, whether professional (hotels, restaurants, etc.) or private (residential). At the same time, we are able to manufacture, in-house, any furniture made of wood, iron, aluminium, steel or glass.








What kinds of high-profile projects has Becara been involved in?

Over the last few years we have done a lot of residential projects, restaurants and hotels. Latterly, our most successful project has been Hotel Asia Gardens, which we transformed into an integral establishment – and which was nominated as “Best Private Hotel in Spain” in 2016. Our most recent project in Marbella was Breathe restaurant.







Why did you decide to open a showroom in Marbella?

For the market potential, together with the cosmopolitan atmosphere that can be experienced everywhere.

Tel. (+34) 917 811 162



Opening Hours:

11am to 2pm and 3pm to 7pm

Saturday 11am to 2pm

(Sunday closed)

Showroom Mobile (+34) 686 040 765

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