Entertain in Sustainable Style this Summer

The summer months are upon us and, as is the custom in Spain, this means endless days and glorious nights spent in the outdoors, enjoying the beautiful Mediterranean climate to its fullest. For many this would mean daily trips to the beach, local plaza or al fresco restaurant, but what could be more convenient than having somewhere to enjoy all the benefits of the season right at your doorstep?

This spacious and highly versatile outdoor living area allows itself to be used for anything from quietly reading a book to endless hours of entertainment in style.

A custom-designed and built outdoor living space is an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors in the comfort of the indoors. Not only does it add immense value to your property but it also allows you to make the most of the season in the privacy of your own home.

Natural elements of thatch, timber and travertine complement each other stunningly, reverberating nature in every corner.

While it’s important to create an outdoor space that suits your needs and requirements, it is equally important to also keep in mind the impact that such a structure will have on the environment. Living sustainably and respecting the environment is a big step towards ensuring the future of our planet.

All the comfort and style of the indoors can be easily brought outdoors to create an extension of your home.

The inevitable question that comes to mind is: how do you create a stylish space for entainment and relaxation, with a conscious desire to maintain some degree of sustainability? The answer to this is two-fold: by pairing sustainable materials that have been responsibly sourced and managed with a stunning customised design.

When thinking about renewable, sustainable building materials, two natural resources immediately come to mind – timber and thatch. The distinct beauty, ambience and versatility of a thatch and/or timber structure makes it the perfect option for creating outdoor living spaces in a sustainable manner.

The expert combination of natural and conventional building materials results in a super contemporary outdoor living area.

Having established themselves as experts in the field of creating exclusive living spaces over the past two decades, Cape Reed International’s sustainable thatched structures limit their overall impact on the environment while providing grandeur, comfort, functionality and durability for its inhabitants.

A well-designed, decorated and equipped outdoor living space will quickly become the most popular area of your home. Whether you want to go big or keep it small and simple, an outdoor space that oozes style and comfort is the ultimate way to enjoy the wonderful sounds, sights and delights of the surrounding landscape while spending quality time with friends and family.

Elegant, chic and ambient, this is the place to unwind, relax and recharge.

The wonderful truth about sustainability is that you can take the environment into consideration while still leading a stylish life of luxury. Being eco-friendly does not mean having to compromise what you enjoy in life. Cape Reed’s experts help you treat yourself to a lifetime of exclusive living… naturally.

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