How long have you been in the carpet industry?

I have been in the industry for 40 years. Back in my native country of Belgium I started as a salesman at the famous Grutman company, with seven carpet galleries in Belgium and two in Spain. Fifteen years ago I moved to Spain, where I joined Francine Grutman’s Marbella team. When Francine retired seven years ago, I took the opportunity of starting my own carpet business at the same address in Marbella.

Have you seen many changes within the carpet industry over the years?

The most important changes in carpets are in modern collections. They follow the latest interior trends in style, patterns, colours, materials and structures. Every year I discover and acquire the latest creations, to be the first one to offer the most exclusive collections in Spain.

You have a large variety of rugs… How do you choose your selection?

Buying carpets as an importer has changed a lot. There was a time when you would have to travel the world to meet the master weavers and carpet companies to see the manufacturing in process, the product and the environment in which the weavers worked. But over the last 20 years, with the introduction of the internet, the need to travel has diminished. Today carpet manufactures send agents to see me with samples. Also, the emphasis in the carpet industry has completely shifted to Europe, with the finest annual carpet fairs being the likes of Domotex in Germany.

What do your clients need to know before selecting a carpet?

If you decide to buy your carpet at Marbella Carpets, there are several personal reflections to consider before you decide:

  • Your own sense of style… YOU have your own personal taste, it’s not up to the salesman. You are going to be living with the rug. Think about if your style is traditional, contemporary or transitional.
  • If the rug matches the room’s décor… Choose a rug that complements the colours of your room.
  • The size of the rug… It is important to take the room measurements with you when you go rug shopping.
  • The pattern… If you are investing a lot of money in a rug, it’s best to consider a timeless pattern like those used in antique rugs – or vintage collections.
  • Your lifestyle… Not every rug suits every lifestyle, so it is important to consider how you plan to live in the space the rug will occupy.
  • How the rug feels… One of the primary reasons my clients buy rugs is for a sensation of cosiness when walking around with bare feet, even in a warm part of the world like the Costa del Sol.

Do you have any new collections this year at Marbella Carpets?

We have the “Erased” collection, which is the successor to the ”Vintage” collection. A small family manufacturer from the south of India has chosen Marbella Carpets to be the sole dealer in Europe. The collection comprises completely hand-woven carpets in wool and silk, in earthy tones. We also have exclusivity in Spain for Guy Laroche, a leading company in designer carpets with high quality materials but at affordable prices.

In conclusion…

I would like to invite readers to visit my carpet gallery, where a team of professionals will welcome you with a good coffee or some fresh drinks, and accompany you in your search for the perfect match. Without any compromise, going to your house for advice and measuring, and offering a trial with some of your selected carpets. If your Spanish is a problem, we speak English, German, French, Dutch and Russian.

Marbella Carpets

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