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How did Femont Galvan come about?
After studying in Milan and London, and full of enthusiasm and boundless energy to create and explore, we were keen to develop a project space where the prime objective was to offer designs of great creative quality.

Since its birth, the company’s main objective has been to create unique and tailor-made spaces, meticulously taking care of each and every detail.
This creative quality is complemented by the use of excellent raw materials and a team that executes ideas with great care and attention – and, above all, affection. At that time, the Costa del Sol provided us with an opportunity to grow together with the area; Marbella was a cosmopolitan city in full development flow.

Tell us about your showroom in the Marbella Club Hotel…
Femont Galvan Designers is an atelier studio set up to create customised projects. We believe that each client is unique and therefore we tailor-design a space to meet their needs and desires. In addition to being a laboratory of ideas, Femont Galvan Designers is also a showroom
where people can discover their own ideas – being able to buy both small and large articles. It is a space where design lives and breathes.

Why do you think people choose Femont Galvan for their interior
design needs?
We believe that we offer a special concept that sets us apart from the rest. Our customers look for a special touch and excellent treatment, and Femont Galvan Designers offers great care and dedication in the details that really make a difference.

You work with a lot of amazing brands… How do you select them?
The basis of Femont Galvan Designers’ philosophy is to create spaces that are manufactured using high-quality raw materials, taking immense care with the whole process: from obtaining the materials to the development stage and point of manufacture.

In accordance with these principles, most of the brands we work with include a handcrafted process. Brands which follow ancestral traditions can transform family businesses into their own form of design language and legacy.
We share a passion for the beauty of creating unique pieces; a passion for the beauty of something created with care and dedication. For Femont Galvan Designers, it is extremely important that each of the brands we choose speaks a unique language for each project, one committed to quality.

Where do you see the future for Femont Galvan?
Each project is a unique experience, so we are constantly researching and looking for new materials and finishing techniques. Femont Galvan Designers is a company that grows with each project. Our aim is to be able to continue carrying out projects at an international level, offering excellent quality and exceptional service, adapting to the needs of our time, and applying technology that allows our customers to enjoy spaces that are well thought out and more personalised.
We are working towards building our own developments, with the same levels of high-end luxury and quality that we offer our clients now – expanding our team without ever wavering in our firm commitment to each individual client.

Femont Galvan Designers
Urb. Marbella Club,
Bulevar Principe Alfonso de Hohenlohe, Marbella
Tel. (+34) 951 194 753 /


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