How the Quarantine has Affected INTERIOR DESIGN – Interview with Creative Director Olivia O

How are you helping clients make their homes more comfortable and functional following the official quarantine period?
More than ever, people are looking into investing in their residences. The post-COVID client will be more attuned to flaws in their homes after taking a closer look at them while staying at home. Lately, we have received many new interior and exterior design enquiries from clients who want to transform their living spaces into functional sanctuaries during these uncertain times.

What are your top tips for giving new life to the patio and pool area?
Without a doubt, the most important part of your backyard escape is having a comfortable yet stylish place that serves multiple purposes. During the summer months, your garden becomes part of your living area, so it’s important to have an outdoor lounge for barbecues, gatherings, cocktail party evenings, etc. Bespoke exterior furniture is very well invested money to get the most out of your patio. You can easily create a variety of separate areas for lounging, sunbathing or dining with different types of seating options, from sturdy chairs gathered around an outdoor dining table to a hammock for lazy summer days – or round poufs to pull out when having friends over. We love keeping the theme cohesive by using natural colours mixed with palm tree greens and blue sea turquoise, for a serene, ocean-inspired look. To spice things up you can always add details in zingy yellow and orange. The pool area is equally important. It’s a good idea to invest in a pergola or put up a sail to provide shade for those hot summer days. Create your own little beach club vibe at home by getting some nice comfortable sunbeds and why not even a cabana to use as the summer unfolds.

What are the main aspects people need to take into account when creating a designated home office?
A specific workspace ensures that you work efficiently from home, but this can become demotivating and gloomy, so choose a space that has plenty of natural light – no matter how big or small the designated area is. A room with views of nature works best, making space a personal sanctuary rather than a place for professional toil. Nothing kills productivity like cramped up spaces. So, even if you have a small desk, make sure to de-clutter it and focus on ways you can make your space as inspiring as possible. “The dogsole™“ – a new trend alert? Bearing in mind the heightened empathy for our four-legged friends, I designed this dog bed-console to ensure they have their own little space, since they’ve been instrumental in my own navigation through this period. “The dogsole™” is bespoke-made and can match any interior style-up on request.

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Photos by: Coco Rubio

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