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HEALTHY KITCHEN Eating Well For Less in Puerto Banús - A la carte - Home and Lifestyle MagazineThe healthy eating phenomenon is taking the world by storm, with raw food, gluten-free, unrefined, organic and free-range now standard words used in our daily lives. And the superfood revolution – including quinoa, goji berries, Matcha, chia seeds and the like – has also become part of our gastronomic vocabulary.

Many skeptics say that all these new ways of consuming our food are just dietary fads that clear the conscience but are actually overpriced, tasteless and unsatisfying. Nevertheless, best friends and owners of Healthy Kitchen, Natalia Belaiche and Katerina Bashur, are hellbent on overturning this theory. (Natalia is founder of the Nutrition School of Health in Mar bella specialising in detox and weight-loss programs that address gut issues and immunity problems; and Katerina is an Integrative Nutritional Institute graduate specialising in hormonal health, gut healing programs and general wellbeing.)

Nearing the end of the summer this year, Natalia and Katerina opened Healthy Kitchen, which is situated in Glow Wellness & Fitness in the Playas del Duque building in Puerto Banús. Their concept is to offer creative gastronomy that not only looks delicious but is also full of flavour and nourishes you so that you are ready to take on the challenges of the day.

Their dishes are rich in vitamins and minerals that are, on the whole, glutenfree and made from unrefined sugars. Their meat and fish come from freerange and organic-certified farms, and their fruit, vegetables and grains are delivered daily from local and organic suppliers. They never deep-fry or microwave and they use pure oils that are low in saturated fat such as coldpressed extra virgin olive oils, for example.

Natalia likes to refer to Healthy Kitchen as a delicatessen, as you order from a wide choice of hot and cold dishes at their bar and then you take your table while they meticulously prepare your food and then bring it over to you. They offer breakfast and lunch plus snacks, smoothies and organically freshlys-queezed juices throughout the day.

HEALTHY KITCHEN Eating Well For Less in Puerto Banús - A la carte - Home and Lifestyle MagazineNatalia comments, “For breakfast, our homemade granola has no sugar or gluten, and our eggs Benedict is very popular and is made from organic free-range eggs with Hollandaise sauce made from ghee butter. We serve Belgian waffles that are gluten-free, fresh bread free from artificial ingredients and preservatives, and our Açaí bowl seems to have become quite a hit with our clients.” For lunch there is a salad bar that changes daily, offering a range of flavours originating from Thailand, India and the Mediterranean. If you fancy a quick coffee, you could try one of their Matcha lattes or their “golden drink” (a turmeric latte). Healthy Kitchen can best be described as a veritable oasis of tranquillity.

There are two outdoor terraced areas at the front of the venue which are surrounded by tropical vegetation and covered by retracting roofs to protect you from the sun or rain. Inside, there is a wonderful dining area that is flooded with natural sunlight together with greenery and oversized wicker lampshades hanging gloriously above. There are workstations available with a very fast Wi-Fi connection, and in one of the outdoor terrace areas they hold healthy eating workshops every Thursday (details on their webpage or Instagram page). The workshops teach you how to combine your food, control cravings and hormonal system and, basically, understand your body.

At Healthy Kitchen you can take away your food in recycled packaging and, if you want Healthy Kitchen to come to your home or office, there is a delivery service available between Cancelada and Elviria. If you want to hold an event at home, they can offer catering but, if you would prefer to hold an event at Healthy Kitchen, they would be happy to accommodate your group and even offer a cooking workshop for a bit of educational fun to learn about new ingredients and how to prepare them for a nutritious and tasty meal. If you just want to buy healthy ingredients such as chia seeds, goji berries, etc., go to their Bio Shop and everything you can imagine is available there.

Many people might jump to the conclusion that all of these quality ingredients and preparation come with a price tag, but this is not the case at all. Coffees start from €2.50, salad bowls start at just €6.90 and breakfasts hover around the €7 mark, so good-quality healthy food does not need to break the bank.

Avda. Playas Del Duque, Edificio Sevilla, Puerto Banús
Tel. (+34) 600 673 357
Open 8.30am-8.30pm Monday to Friday, Saturday 9am-4pm,
Sunday closed.

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