How to have an epic 2020

By Petya barr

What can possibly make the beginning of the new decade different? Well, you will need the powerful engine that can take you towards success and accomplishment in all areas of your life: motivation. And sorry, you can’t order it in a box with a ribbon from Amazon.

What is motivation and why are some people highly motivated and some not? Motivation is the inner complex force that drives us to achieve our most difficult and satisfying results. It is a clear indication of a person’s willingness to pounce on an opportunity. This could be buying a sports car, losing weight or starting a new business. Every Christmas we enthusiastically write exiting goals and dreams for the New Year, and before we shake off that expensive gorging and hangover we are back to our old routine. How many times have you paid for a new gym membership, planned guitar lessons or decided to write a book? And then you quit – or sometimes you don’t even start. I truly believe that, just like learning to drive a car, we can all be taught to stay motivated by applying some gradual changes in our daily routine. Healthy habits are developed the same way as unhealthy ones – through practice. Good sleep, healthy diet and exercise will increase your energy and help you have clear and more positive thoughts, as well as a lot more desire and enthusiasm to stay focused on your goals.

PetYa barr
Petya Barr


Visualising your results will keep you motivated and help you to gradually change your mindset and beginning to think like that better version of yourself. Taking small steps and focusing your attention on the daily results will stop you from becoming overwhelmed by the time frame of your final bigger picture. Enjoy and celebrate the moments of little progress to make your journey part of your final success.

Failure is the biggest and most dangerous dream-stealer of new achievements and motivation. If you eat that chocolate muffin you used to have every morning, or skip a few guitar lessons, or spend some of your savings, don’t yet throw in the towel and beat yourself for giving up so soon. Just accept the facts that old habits are hard to break. Learning from failure will make you stronger and teach you how to get back on your feet. Becoming more motivated will help you grow as a person and fulfil your life. You will experience a holistic change in all aspects, mental physical and social. Now, it is entirely up to you to choose your purpose in life and try a new approach, or watch others succeed while looking for the perfect excuse why you didn’t. Just remember, “A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing grows there.”

Time is ticking my friend and, no matter how you choose to spend it, the next year will be around the corner. If you are lacking something and missing the mojo, seek some help.

I’m choosing to think that 2020 will be awesome and will do all my best for 366, yes 366, days to make it epic. Have a wonderful Christmas holiday.

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