Humilogic España Easy Solutions for Moisture and Damp Problems

It doesn’t matter how stunning your home is: you can still suffer problems related to moisture and damp. With Humilogic, those issues can be resolved easily and effectively. According to their professional team, damp, moisture or wetness have three consequences: aesthetic problems (humidity stains), structural problems and health problems. “Clients only know about these problems because they see aesthetic issues,” says director Carles Rodríguez Surrallés, “so one of my functions is to educate my clients. When it comes to anti-humidity treatments, for example, our marketing campaigns have tended to feature pictures of stains, because people can then understand quickly what problems we need to resolveBut these are quite ugly and shocking images, so we have changed our message and now focus on health.” To that end, Humilogic can offer better air quality options for homes on the Costa del Sol – “the definitive solution for damp, moisture and wetness, to provide you and your family with a healthier environment”. Their cutting-edge technical options include the use of the VMI Urban smart machine from Ventilairsec, which detects problem areas – including using a zoom inside mattresses. For simple, direct and clear solutions to these kinds of problems, Humilogic have the right answers.

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