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Interview with Sholeh Abghari


Tell us about the concept of your gallery…

Sholeh Abghari Contemporary Art Gallery offers a unique space to support and promote both established and emerging artists from the Middle East and around the world. The gallery seeks out the most innovative artwork through a careful selection process targeting pieces which are part of important collections, auctions and art fairs worldwide.

Home to internationally famous artists such as Málaga-born Pablo Picasso and drawing from the rich cultural heritage of Andalucía, Sholeh Abghari Contemporary Art Gallery has established the first truly contemporary art gallery in Marbella.






Why did you choose to open a gallery in Marbella?

I met my husband in Marbella and we started a family here. Eight months ago I gave birth to our first child and I thought Marbella would be the best place to raise a family. Plus, I think Marbella is changing and has a lot of potential to become a major art destination.


How did you enter the world of art?

I always loved art. I started to paint when I was seven years old, and I tried different methods and different mediums with some famous artists in Iran. I bought my first painting when I was 18 years old. I always had a good relationship with the artists and I kept buying for myself and others as well. Later on, I studied art history at Hotel Drouot in Paris, and art and gallery business while curating at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London.

What exhibitions do you have coming up?

There will be many diverse exhibitions from artists of different nationalities in the coming weeks and months.

In the meantime, we had the pleasure, in October, of inviting 25 selected guests to a private dinner at Sholeh Abghari Art Gallery, including private collectors, interior designers, real estate developers and luxury retail owners among other well-known personalities in the Marbella social and business scene. The main objective was to promote the Iranian contemporary art scene.

The event started at 8 pm with a carefully selected assortment of canapés – such as Foie Micuit and Salmon Rillette –  in the garden followed by a sit-down dinner inside the gallery, all prepared by a famous chef. The dinner dishes served were Russian Beluga Caviar, wild sea bass ceviche and an assortment of local cheeses, all paired with a tasting of rare Andalucian wines presented by master sommelier David Gallardo.

The event lasted all the way until midnight and was very well received by the guests as a new and innovative way of exhibiting art while enjoying a wonderful gastronomic experience.

Sholeh Abghari Contemporary Art Gallery

Ricardo Soriano 72A, Marbella

Tel. (+34) 952 254 853 / (+34) 951 027 760

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