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Over the years, landscaping and exterior design has become more and more important, with property owners seeking a beautiful outside space to perfectly complement the interiors.

In Andalucía, inside/outside living is perfectly blended and this is why people are paying even more attention to their garden and pool area. According to landscaping professionals Atlas Garden, Marbella homeowners will typically spend between €20,000 and €250,000 on their garden area, a very close second to dressing the interiors of a property. A harmonised garden will complement the property and give it that “wow factor”.  So, what are the latest trends in exterior design, and has it become as integral to our lives as interior design?

Taste and Style are Everything

“Just as they have with the interiors of their home, our clients have very specific tastes and ideas as to how they would like to present their outside space,” explains Alejandro Guerrero, the engineer responsible for pools and gardens at Atlas Group. “Some have a very classically designed home, and so they want to continue this theme throughout the garden. This would typically involve carefully shaped flower beds, olive trees and Cyprus trees. For clients with contemporary architecture, we usually work to soften and complement the modern style with naturally shaped materials such as slate for the paths and planting tall grasses in the beds that will move in the wind to give texture and animation.”

Paving the Way

Around 10 years ago, most of the gardens on the Costa del Sol used Casares stone, a rough-cut material most commonly used in walkways. Lately, to complement the contemporary, square-line style of properties, concrete square cut tiles are commonly used. These are available in different colours and sizes to suit the style of the property and conform to the modern theme.

Lifestyle is Important

In Andalucía, priority is typically towards low maintenance, low water consumption and using plants compatible with the climate. “The exterior must be beautiful all year round, but it must be adapted to the client’s needs. If the home owner is at the property in the summer only, then the exterior should be looking its best at this time of year. If the home is occupied all year round, then there should always be some flowering plants, some colour and aroma present to make the garden a magical place.”

Trending Pools

Just as gardens are vital to the exterior of the home, swimming pools are an important element that must complement lifestyle and taste. Twenty-five years ago, the typical swimming pool in Andalucía had blue mosaic tiles, a mural at the bottom and a simple rectangle shape. Now, just as unique as our tastes, pools can be any shape, colour and style. Atlas Pool see many clients opting for white mosaic tiles in their pool so that the water appears a bright turquoise.

The indoor/outdoor living experience is a crucial part of the Andalucian lifestyle, which is why coordinating outside space with the interior design is vital for homeowners and investors alike.

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