Inspiring New Furniture Showroom in Marbella

How would you describe Kare’s position in the global market?Kare is an international brand with a wide range of products – more than 6,000 – including outstanding furniture, lighting and accessories. Our products are colourful and non-conformist. We have almost 40 years of experience and 100 shops worldwide, present in most major cities, and we attend all international furniture and design fairs and exhibitions. We are very fashion-orientated, and each year we renew about 1,000 of the 6,000 items in our assortment.
In addition to furniture, we offer interior design for private homes, of-fices, bars and hotels. We have fully-furnished packages for apartments and villas, and we work with developers and real estate companies. Kare Design GmbH was founded in 1981 by Jürgen Reiter and Peter Schönhofen. As owners and managing partners they continue to man-age the company to the present day.
Tell us more about the showroom in Marbella…
Even though our 300-square metre showroom is a good size for Mar-bella, we also stock a much wider range of products that are not neces-sarily presented in the showroom itself. Our display gives you a good idea of the design range, but our team is happy to take you through the entire range of products in our catalogues or on our website (www. kare-marbella.es). We also help our clients by offering them free room planning and 3D simulation, with our products tailor-made to their own houses; as well as a Kare App that is easy to download and can help a client to simulate how a Kare product will look inside their home using their mobile telephone screen.
Why did you opt for this particular location?
We chose the prestigious Golden Mile location because it is a reference point in Marbella and we believe the Oasis Business Centre is now the go-to destination for quality furniture in Marbella. It is also easy to lo-cate, right by the main entrance, and parking available in front of the building with even more parking behind the centre.
We are pleased that Kare choose to open its third showroom in Spain in Marbella, after Barcelona and Mallorca
What is the concept behind Kare?
The main concept of Kare is “anything but ordinary”. Our philosophy is to deliver excellent design products for a good price. We don’t just sell furniture – we display our products in a theatrical way that aims to inspire. Our store has different moods from rock star, retro style, soft glam to natural tones. As Peter Schönhofen, founder and CEO of Kare Design GmbH in Germany, says, “Extraordinary design gives emotion-al kicks and individual authenticity in our homes.”

What makes Kare stand-out from other companies?
Our brand is different from the rest of the furniture providers in Mar-bella because, let’s be honest, many of the interior designs you see in properties here on the Coast are very neutral and bland but we believe a holiday home should be different – it should be exciting and lively. People choose to come to Marbella for excitement, and we believe our furniture can bring exactly that extra spark that your summer resi-dence needs.
Our furniture is both colourful and different, and it always reflects lat-est trends in interior design. What is more is that you get more style for your money. Similar designs are normally available at much higher prices, whereas in our shop we can promise you affordable design.
What plans do you have for the future?
We want very soon to be able to have readily-available furniture pack-ages for our clients. Say a client bought an apartment today… we want to be able, in just a few hours, to furnish it completely after the client has chosen a full package that we keep in stock for this occasion. When you buy a holiday property… you want to move in right away and do not want to wait.
In addition, we are here to provide our services to everybody, from our direct clients in the shop to all other partners: real estate agents, archi-tects and designers, developers and project managers. We also want to work with customers from hotel, restaurant and bar businesses be-cause we have a wide variety of table and seating options, plus fabulous decoration and unusual articles that can make these places unique, like our giant cats, dogs, horses, monkeys – you name it.
Architects can find anything they are looking for in the one place. We have all the articles a house needs, from furniture to lights, carpets, mirrors and all possible accessories. However daring a project is, we are sure that a designer can find something in our range, because we cover so many themes, and all reflecting the latest trends.
All our products are loaded in 3D and they can be used very easily in any design project. And last but not least, we have very good partner-ship conditions that we can offer to designers. Furthermore, we are working on excellent financial terms that allow developers to furnish properties without the need to pay the whole furniture package fully in advance.
Kare Marbella
Centro de Negocios Oasis,
Ctra. N-340 Km.183, Marbella
Tel. (+34) 647 748 065 / info@kare-marbella.es

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