Back in July-August, the experts from Guardian Glass provided us with practical tips on how to make our home more comfortable. This issue, they suggest seven ideas for making a reduced home space as functional, practical and habitable as possible. The key, they say, is to understand that – even in just a few square metres – we can have everything we really need close at hand.

  1. Goodbye to walls, hello to a relationship between environments… Walls separate, divide, take up space and give a feeling of compartmentalisation which, in small houses, some-times is best to avoid. Avoid excessive partitions and use the furniture itself as a separator or dividing element.
  2. The magical power of natural light and efficient glass… There is nothing better to create a warm and comfortable home than having large windows and glassed-in areas to allow as much natural light as possible, while promoting greater insulation, both thermally and acoustically.
  3. Using a material such as glass, also for decoration… Thanks to its performance and versatility, glass is an ideal material for the manufacture of different decorative elements and even furniture.
  4. Versatility of spaces… Combining the kitchen with the living room, for example, or the bath-room with the bedroom, is no longer architecturally crazy – and “The Desert House” has proved it. Its design is committed to the complete integration of different essential elements which, when combined, save on surface area.
  5. Colour changes everything… Colour is one of the most effective and economical resources to make a small house appear larger and wider. White is, par excellence, one of the shades that works best in this regard. It reflects light and projects it through space.
  6. Mirrors to multiply the space… Like transparent materials, mirrors extend the feeling of space and depth, and also project what is reflected in them.
  7. The exterior is as important as the interior…The “Desert House” has one of the most impressive desert views in Spain, so one of the main objectives of the architectural project has been to fully mimic the home with its surroundings. Have it enter inside the house and enable guests to enjoy it as an exceptional experience, first hand.

Photos of “La Casa del Desierto” by Gonzalo Botet for Guardian Glass

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