Magyk Concept Trend-Setting Decorative Lighting Plus Diverse Décor Accessories

Magyk Lumière have expanded their San Pedro de Alcántara (Marbella) shop to include a wide range of décor items and accessories and great gift ideas as well as their customary lighting and furniture products – and changed their name to Magyk Concept. A Magyk client once noted, “It’s not what you need, it’s what you want”, and this slogan perfectly describes the Magyk Concept leitmotiv. “We actually create a fusion of different articles: home décor, tableware, gadgets, accessories, gifts, fashion articles – and much more – but always choosing something different or the gadget which makes you smile.” Magyk also offer other “trendy” items including artwork from local artists, handicrafts from outside Spain, special exclusive designs (such as Qlocktwo clocks), Daqi Concept loudspeakers and stunning aromatic candles.“Visiting Magyk Concept is an experience of discovery and wonderful surprises. Everybody should be able to enjoy this special touch, because it makes a difference and brings personality to your home and life. At Magyk we believe in catering to all our clients’ special requirements, so they can express themselves. And of course, we certainly don’t forget our roots, continuing to offer trend-setting decorative lighting.”

Lagasca 62, San Pedro de Alcántara (Marbella)
Tel. (+34) 951 196 449

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