When was the Banus Group established and what is the concept behind the company?

Banus Group was established in 2011 and since then has continued to grow and start new projects. Our main concept is to have a creative and experienced team, and that’s why we are always looking for talented and dynamic people to join us. We try to be close to our clients and to make them feel safe and comfortable with us. For any project we undertake – turnkey, renovation, interior design or property acquisition – we lead our clients through all the processes, trying to benefit them and helping to avoid problems and complications. Our main objective is to give the best quality and to apply all our professionalism in everything we do. At the present time it’s not enough just to do your job: now it’s very important to follow all the innovations and to know all the modern tendencies. That’s why we never stop studying and improving our professional skills.

What kind of projects have you been involved in and what were you most proud of?

All the projects we have undertaken and have participated in have always been very special for us, because we have dedicated all our imagination and professionalism to them. Every project is a very creative process. The creation of a home cannot be only about building: it’s a synergy of the emotions, expectations, design preferences and unique style of every person. This year we have completed several projects that are really worth being proud of: new brand villas with exclusive designs, and renovations that have given new life to the houses and their owners, as well as fantastic architectural projects that are to be developed next year.

Tell us more about the many different services that you offer…

Banus Group offers an unparalleled range of services to help you get the house of your dreams. Our great advantage is being able to cover all areas: construction, design, landscaping, legal support and real estate. Banus Group uses only modern and reliable construction machinery. Our brigades, made up of highly qualified professionals, are equipped with all the necessary tools. Our company cooperates with many well-known manufacturers of building materials and equipment. This enables us not only to provide high-quality construction but also to offer excellent prices. The interiors of our houses are an authentic reflection of their luxury. Bathroom fittings decorated with gold from leading Italian brands Gentry Home, Labor Legno and Gaia; fireplaces created with the best marble; porcelain from the most famous Italian houses, Petracer’s and Emil Ceramica… every detail is a quality label. Marvellous spa centres, decorated with mosaic from renowned brand Friulmosaic, in accordance with the individual project, and always a modern jacuzzi located in the upper part of the home with exciting sea views… these are our distinctive lines. When it comes to equipping the interiors, every room is an art creation. Luxury houses all over the world have been built in collaboration with the brands Andrea Fanfani (furniture) and Cad’oro (kitchens), and we are proud to be their partners. Our designers use specialised and advanced software and regularly improve their skills and investigate current trends in the field of building design.

Why should people come to Banus Group?

First of all, because we are really in love with our work and we transmit this sensation to our clients. Everything we do is based on confidence and solid warranties. Banus Group’s experts develop projects of any complexity and a variety of architectural styles. All the calculations have high precision and are carried out in accordance with the requirements of standard technical documents. The layout and design of the buildings are defined by actual trends in architecture and construction. In addition, they take into account urban planning traditions in the specific region of Spain. All these aspects help us to work successfully with the most demanding clients.

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