A family business offering highly-customisable products that combine craft, comfort and style, Sandon was founded in 2020 as part of the Antima Group – a collection of companies with interests spanning from homes and furniture to lifestyle articles and entertainment. Its roots date to 1929, when Anton Brendmoe established himself as a decorator and master painter. Years later he was joined by his son Bjørn, who was a highly skilled restorer, and the business slowly grew. In 1982, son John took the company from paint and décor into the world of real estate, renovating residential properties and renowned buildings in Norway before making the transition to luxury villas in southern Spain. Sandon was launched by the youngest-generation Brendmoe. Sandon’s products are made in Spain by “people who care deeply about what they do and how they do it. Many of them have been perfecting their skills since they were young, mastering a craft impossible to replicate by machines.” Sandon’s approach, before starting to design a piece of furniture, is to try to imagine the surrounding space and how it might be used. “Only then do we start sketching ideas, establish colour schemes and select fabrics. Once all these elements are done and dusted our drawings are handed over to a highly skilled production team who bring it to life. Our goal is to offer beautiful, individual pieces of furniture, each item distinguishable from the next.” /

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